From the researchers of the Vatican Observatory, a new study on the Big Bang – Chronicle

Two researchers from the Vatican Observatory – the Vatican astronomical observatory – have proposed a radically new mathematical understanding of the initial moment of the Big Bang. They pointed to a new technique for understanding how gravity behaved in the first moments of the universe. “This new perspective could trigger a revolution in our understanding … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports, we tried the Wii Sports heir

1649727309 Nintendo Switch Sports we tried the Wii Sports heir

We tried all the disciplines of Nintendo Switch Sports, the heir to Wii Sports arriving exclusively on Nintendo Switch at the end of April A few days after the publication, which we remember will take place on April 29, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch, we have tried Nintendo Switch Sports what is in effect and … Read more

Elden Ring: come FromSoftware ha riscritto gli open world

1649727145 Elden Ring come FromSoftware ha riscritto gli open world

Come la maggior parte di voi, anche io sono finito tra i gironi infernali di Elden Ring. Quello FromSoftware è capolavoro di razza, in grado di trasmettere emozioni uniche e, finalmente, avventure degne di questo nome. Evolvendo la formula portata avanti dalla trilogia Dark Souls, Elden Ring dimostra che oggi più che mai i videogiochi … Read more