With two spoonfuls after meals you could refresh your breath pleasantly and promote digestion in a natural way

Personal hygiene is important to feel good about yourself and among others. Poor cleaning and bad habits could inevitably jeopardize it. One of the most unpleasant sensations for us and for those around us is stinking breath. Yet, there would still be few Italians who would properly take care of the care of the mouth. … Read more

Not everyone knows this antioxidant, vitamin-rich, low-calorie vegetable would help keep cholesterol at bay.

Cholesterol is a type of fat extremely important to regulate some functions of the organism and the body produces about 80% of the total. The remaining 20% ​​is introduced, however, through the foods we eat and is deposited in the blood. Keeping this parameter under control, leading a healthy diet, is the first step to … Read more

Widespread itching and pain in the abdomen and back could be symptoms of this serious condition that also leads to fever, swollen limbs and nausea

It is one of the most common forms of cancer in adults and affects the largest organ in the body – the tumor. Hepatocellular carcinoma develops in hepatocytes which are the cells found in the liver. The most common one in childhood is of a different type. It is called hepatoblastoma and is an embryonic … Read more

Experts discussing innovation in epilepsy, Ucb conference

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases affecting all ages of life, involving about 50-70 million people in the world of which 500 thousand in Italy alone. This disorder is more common in childhood and old age and, therefore, can interfere with normal activities at crucial stages of life. Scientific research has made … Read more

Leg pain, twitching and muscle cramps are not only consequences of varicose veins but could depend on these pathologies

When we experience abnormalities, pains, or other symptoms, we don’t always understand the true cause immediately. Some signs would not be linked to a single disease, we may not understand what it is at first glance. In fact, to arrive at a correct diagnosis, you must always rely on the care and advice of your … Read more

Veneto, specializing as family doctors. “It’s a necessity, they’ll have a tutor.” Salaries, clients, differences

Would you be treated by a doctor, that is, by a medical graduate who does not yet have a specialization? Would you accept him as a family doctor or in the emergency room? In any case, would he work for free as a trainee since he is specializing or would he be paid? These questions … Read more

Alzheimer’s study provides new evidence to support a thesis on a possible biomarker

Alzheimers study provides new evidence to support a thesis on

They start forgetting things, to the point where they can’t even recognize family members anymore. They are the sick affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s, the most common form of senile dementia with a subtle and difficult to diagnose onset. A new study, published today in Cell Metabolism, lays the foundations for a greater understanding … Read more

We should stop consuming these foods which would be real killers of our health

Attending one evening to a very interesting interview with an Italian dietician, also linked to the world of sport, there was talk of dangerous foods for health. In addition to analyzing what are the real foods and the list of those that we could cross out from our table, two fundamental concepts were reiterated. Today, … Read more

Incontinence and the inability to hold pee could hide the onset of these 2 terrible degenerative diseases

Speaking of incontinence and the urge to go to the bathroom, we will discuss in this article the possibilities that could be behind this discomfort. With the support of a doctor’s office, we will see why incontinence and the inability to hold pee could be the worrying alarm bell of some diseases that should not … Read more