Smi: “Community houses are not the resolution of the crisis of family doctors. Even Fimmg has finally noticed it”

Onotri: “We agree with Undersecretary Gemmato’s perplexities and finally, after months, even Fimmg comes to our positions. We ask for a complete rethinking of DM 77 which reorganizes territorial medicine. Enough with the inauguration of cathedrals in the desert done on the skin of citizens and doctors” 30 NOV – “We do not agree with … Read more

Conventional medicine. The haemorrhage of union members continues. In 8 years almost 11 thousand less. At the top for family doctors, pediatricians and outpatient specialists always Fimmg, Fimp and Sumai

The latest surveys of trade union delegations have been published by Sisac (as of 1 January 2022). In the last year, the sector lost a total of 2,791 members, above all among family doctors and paediatricians. A decline that sees practically all unions affected and that seems unstoppable. SISAC DATA 30 NOV – The latest … Read more

I’m a pharmacist and I’ll explain which cold and flu products are really effective (and which are not)

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

With winter approaching, many people are already dealing with flu and various colds. Do-it-yourself is often used to try to soothe the symptoms that accompany seasonal diseases, such as cough, but the risk of making the wrong medicines is just around the corner. An English pharmacist explains which medicines can be really useful Traumatized dog … Read more

Alzheimer’s drug slows cognitive decline “Epochal turning point, disease could be curable”

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Researchers have hailed the dawn of a new era of therapies forAlzheimers after a clinical study confirmed that a drug slows cognitive decline in patients with early stages of the disease. The achievement comes after decades of failure in the field and has emboldened experts to say Alzheimer’s, which affects 30 million people worldwide, could … Read more

Ecm. Mandelli (Fofi): “Code of ethics must be respected”

“I hope that in the last few weeks there will be the possibility of regularizing the positions that are not yet in place. Unfortunately, the timing of the attribution of credits and the recognition of Agenas does not give the situation in real time, and does not allow to keep under control the data, however … Read more

High cholesterol, the latest studies and the fate of those who don’t cure it in time

High cholesterol the latest studies and the fate of those

Having high cholesterol, according to the latest research, indelibly “marks” the patient’s health, and it’s not just about risks. that thehypercholesterolemia it wasn’t exactly healthy we already knew that. But today new studies launch a warning towards who does not control LDL levels. InformationToday Over the years, thanks to scientific dissemination, we have understood the … Read more

Community houses. Fimp pediatricians agree with Gemmato: “Unsustainable model”

The President Antonio D’Avino: “We are pleased that the difficulty of carrying out and sustainability of the project has been acknowledged, between lack of financial coverage and lack of healthcare personnel. Now let’s go back to investing in proximity and capillarity, keywords for the health of Italians. Let’s start again from the relationship of trust … Read more

Baldness, Inclusive Regenerative Medicine is the new frontier.

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Thanks to inclusive and multidisciplinary action it is possible to promote the block cellular aging And early follicles, reverse the degenerative process , reverse the thinning of the follicles allowing to produce thick, healthy hair , restore a natural visual density And promote maximum cell regeneration And autologous regrowth . Alopecia, this is the technical … Read more

New Omicron variant manifesting strange red spots on the body 😷 Cerberus scares scientists clarify

New Omicron variant manifesting strange red spots on the body

Some people are experiencing strange red spots on the body: could it be due to the new Covid variant? I study. The Sars-Cov-2 virus is still giving us many problems. The infections are rising, but not only. The variants they have the course and symptoms also changed of the disease. InformationToday Unfortunately the first colds … Read more