Kate Middleton, the astrologer’s prophecy: “Disastrous changes in March”

Kate Middleton the astrologers prophecy Disastrous changes in March

Time for change for William and Kate Middleton strikes March 2023, when their dreams of taking the throne after King Charles will be dashed. Astrologer Jessica Adams prophesies a radical change in the line of succession. King Charles increasingly weak It would be a blow to William e Kate Middleton if the fortune teller’s predictions … Read more

Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 1/02/23 episode | Isa and Chia

Men and Women Chias opinion on the 10223 episode

Finally me Alice Barisciani I kind of understand it too, eh. It can’t be easy being in the study of Men and women since august, you’ve taken an obvious cap for Frederick Nicotera from day zero, having told him all your complicated life right from the first external session to reassure him that you have … Read more

Terra Amara Advances from 6 to 11 February 2023, Seher is pregnant with Gaffur: Demir is sterile!

1675262315 Terra Amara Advances from 6 to 11 February 2023 Seher

Let’s find out the Advances of the Episodes of Terra Amara aired from 6 to 11 February 2023. Here is the summary of what will happen in the Episodes of the week. Let’s see together Advances of the Textures of the Bets of the Turkish soap opera Bitter landon air from 6 to 11 February … Read more

Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 01/31/23

Men and Women Isas opinion on the episode of 013123

But I think this installment of Men and women will be transmitted in psychology courses at the university, there will be in-depth studies on it because I’m still in shock like one Valeriona Marini whatever, at the thought of what we have seen and above all heard. I’m this close to suing Mediaset because objectively … Read more

Siccità, la Roma distopica di Virzì arriva in prima tv su Sky

Siccita la Roma distopica di Virzi arriva in prima tv

In seguito al successo in sala, approda in prima tv Siccità di Paolo Virzì, film drammatico quanto mai attuale su una Roma distopica. Una forte crisi idrica imperversa nella Capitale, con conseguenze devastanti per diversi personaggi. Il titolo della pellicola parla già di per sé. Siccità è difatti il racconto di numerose esistente, ciascuna delle … Read more

Alice Campello and childbirth: «I had a hemorrhage and 17 transfusions. Morata is bleached»

Alice Campello and childbirth I had a hemorrhage and 17

Of Salvatore Riggio The influencer talks about the difficulties he had a few days ago, when little Bella was born: After giving birth, I lifted the blanket and there was a lot of blood. I’ve had 17 transfusions. They put a balloon inside my uterus, I risked a lot The fear was immense, but now … Read more

“Volgare”, “Non fu truffa”. Cosa è successo tra il Codacons e Fedez

Volgare Non fu truffa Cosa e successo tra il Codacons

Quello tra il Codacons e Fedez è uno scontro che sembra destinato a non avere una fine. Le parti da anni si scontrano nei tribunali con esiti che talvolta premiano uno e talvolta l’altro. In questi giorni è tornato alla ribalta lo scontro del 2020, quando il Codacons e Fedez si scontrarono sulle raccolte fondi … Read more

Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode dated 26/01/23

Men and Women Isas opinion on the episode dated 260123

The pornstar gaaaaaaaaate!!! I was waiting for the bet Of Men and women almost only for this, I swear! Especially since then I had the unedited account of the mole present in the studio who told me that when Paula Ruocco brought up this alleged red light past of Alexanderthere was behind the scenes Rudy … Read more

Art Night

Art Night

The reconstruction of Vincenzo Gemito’s life as if it were a mystery film, with an enigma to solve and clues to follow. It is proposed by Neri Marcorè and “Art Night”, with “Gemito. The crazy sculptor”, a documentary by Luigi Pingitore – produced by Persona Produzioni, in collaboration with Rai Cultura – broadcast on Wednesday … Read more