Michele Merlo, father Domenico in tears to Verissimo: “A blood test was enough to save my son”

A pain that will last forever and the devastating awareness that the tragedy could have been avoided. One year after the death of Michele Merloin art Mike Birdsinger of Amici, his father Domenico remembered his beloved son on the show very true in front of Silvia Toffanin’s microphone. She is the … Read more

In Cannes Trinca director and film against capitalism – Culture & Shows

In Cannes Trinca director and film against capitalism Culture

A ferocious critique of capitalism and social inequality with Triangle of Sadness by the Swedish Ruben Ostlund (he won the Palme d’Or with The Square in 2017) and a story of racism between the poor and paternity suffered with RMN by Romanian Cristian Mungiu (also Palma gold in 2007 with 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 … Read more

“I’m waiting”, the announcement upsets half of Italy: the stork lands at UeD

Im waiting the announcement upsets half of Italy the stork

UeD, stork arriving in Maria De Filippi’s studio: she is pregnant. Her announcement leaves half of Italy speechless. Here is who is the familiar face of the show ready to become a mother. UeD, stork on the way – NanoPress.it A beloved protagonist of the young throne of Men and Women ready to expand the … Read more

Mourning Mara Venier, the death of her dear friend devastates her. The message is heartbreaking

Mourning Mara Venier the death of her dear friend devastates

Mara Venier has decided to share with her fans the pain of the death of her dear friend, a post that moved everyone. Much loved by the public throughout Italy, one of the presenters who really made the history of our country and who still today with her brilliant manner and her strong empathy, manages … Read more

Lotto and SuperEnalotto draws today Saturday 21 May 2022, winning numbers and odds

Lotto and SuperEnalotto draws today Saturday 30 April 2022 winning

Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto draws today, Saturday 21 May 2022, live from 20:00 on Fanpage.it with winning numbers and odds. The SuperEnalotto prize pool rises to 207.5 million euros for the winning sixth in tonight’s draw. No player hit the 6 or 5 + 1 in today’s draw. Lotto draws today and SuperEnalotto winning numbers … Read more

Concerto Vasco, parcheggi con entrate strette e pochi stalli. Sulla viabilità, Vescovi: ”Il primo pullman alle 14, inatteso l’arrivo così massiccio nel pomeriggio”

Concerto Vasco parcheggi con entrate strette e pochi stalli Sulla

TRENTO. Il concerto di Vasco ha visto arrivare a Trento tantissime persone da tutta Italia e non solo. E’ stato un successo in termini di presenze come sempre, d’altronde, quando si parla di appuntamenti del rocker di Zocca. Accanto all’entusiasmo dai fan non sono però mancate le lamentele che hanno riguardato i parcheggi e la … Read more

Maneskin, Victoria is sick: who replaced her (with irony) by Jimmy Fallon

Maneskin Victoria is sick who replaced her with irony by

Måneskin, from red to green carpet: the boldest looks that have left their mark THE Måneskin they never cease to surprise: the group was a guest, for the second time in a few months, of the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, one of the most famous and highly regarded shows in the United States. The … Read more

Giorgia Soleri, “in the long night, with my tongue, I collect the secrets”: the comparison with Alda Merini? We asked the opinion of the poet Calandrone – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Giorgia Soleri in the long night with my tongue I

“Merini will be turning in the grave like a drill”, “Do you publish your poems because she is the girlfriend of Damiano David of the Måneskin?” Giorgia Soleri has just published “Miss nobody“(Vallardi publisher), her first book, and many on social networks attack it relentlessly. In all possible ways. When she told that in 2018 … Read more

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino celebrate little Nina: two years of love on Instagram

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino celebrate little Nina two years

Argentero and Cristina Marino in Montecarlo, the most beautiful kiss (with a breathtaking dress with a bare back) Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino they couldn’t be happier, especially seeing their little Nina Speranza, who came into the world two years ago, grow up. The actor and the influencer shared on Instagram some very tender shots … Read more

They are super comfortable and do not show your toes these trendy sandals that stretch the legs

The first warm days have already arrived and many of us try to dress in a cool and comfortable way. For many, the season of open shoes and beach dresses has already begun. In some cases, however, we are not allowed to dress too low-cut and with sandals for dress code reasons. In some works, … Read more