Start & Stop at the traffic lights, pay attention to how you do it: your tank empties | Throw the money

Start Stop at the traffic lights pay attention to

The Start & Stop is a very useful tool in our cars but is sometimes used incorrectly. Here’s how to avoid consuming fuel. Start & Stop at the traffic light – Motori.News When we drive our car, it sometimes happens that we stop for a long time in one place without using it for various … Read more

Lollipop, in the car it is deadly: there is nothing more dangerous | NEVER while traveling

Lollipop in the car it is deadly there is nothing

Eating a lollipop on a trip could endanger our life. Here’s what could happen. Lollipops in the car – Motori.News During our journey by car we happen to feel a feeling of hunger and want to put something under our teeth and therefore we bring with us some simple foods to nibble on something. But … Read more

Evasion, 12 billion to be recovered: the ambitious targets of the NRP on the tax authorities

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

What space will the fight against tax evasion have in electoral programs? This is not a trivial issue, given that, moreover, the European funding provided for by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is also linked to the improvement of results on this front. And this is a non-generic but measurable improvement: the NRP says … Read more

The American giant turns to city cars: forget mega SUVs | The future of the automotive industry is another

1659874433 The American giant turns to city cars forget mega SUVs

General Motors pushes on the accelerator and gives itself to city cars. Forget Hummers and vehicles of this kind, the future is different and the Americans have understood it. Here is the project that surprises. Micro vehicles, city cars, electric cars. Features that speak for themselves and represent the novelties of the automotive market. Many … Read more

First hydrogen trucks in Germany

LIVE Atletica Diamond League Stoccolma 2022 in DIRETTA Folorunso ottima

The change in the mobility of the future, towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly roads, also involves heavy vehicles. Just like cars, for which important improvements have been developed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions more and more, a new era is opening up for trucks, with Hyundai which has developed the first hydrogen cell articulated … Read more

Tesla Model Y, is a premium phenomenon: in 2022 it is the best-selling medium SUV in Europe

Stop to thermal cars the prospects for Italy

With 41,851 new customers in the first six months of the year there is the historic overtaking on Mercedes Glc, but in sight there is even the duel with Audi A3, the best-selling premium category car ever. Gianluigi Giannetti 06 August Balances that change, and not only in favor of the electric car as a … Read more

Charging car to remove? You can’t do it, untouchable – Vaielettrico

Charging car to remove You cant do it untouchable

The Hyundai Kona (in the background) which was impossible to get removed. The Tesla Model S next door had to settle for 22 kW. Charging car to remove? In fact, if connected to the column, it is untouchable, even if no longer recharged. And this can be a problem, which is added to the lack … Read more

Goodbye Autogrill, after 63 years there will be no more: everything changes for motorists on motorways

Goodbye Autogrill after 63 years there will be no more

The famous Autogrills where you can stop for a break during a journey are in danger of disappearing. Here’s what changes after over 60 years. goodbye Autogril will close all – Sometimes waiting for something to arrive is more beautiful than the thing itself and the same can happen during a voyage. Sometimes it … Read more