Thirteenth, 25% cut due to taxes: the study by the Cgia of Mestre

Taxes will eat up 25% of the thirteenth of Italians. To say it is a study by the Cgia of Mestre, which denounces the cost of the economic crisis on thirteenths of Italian employees and pensioners. According to the study, which identifies the arrival of 47 billion euros in thirteenths, 11.4 billion euros will end … Read more

Stories of logos changed badly – Il Post

Stories of logos changed badly Il Post

Loading player It is quite common that after a certain period of time a company changes its logo, modifying its graphics and characters or replacing it with a completely different one: these are operations that are called “rebranding” and are used to renew, relaunch or get noticed moreover. Hopefully the purpose of rebranding (which can … Read more

Christian De Sica, do you know what car he has? It’s small and it costs very little | You could have it too –

Christian De Sica do you know what car he has

Our in-depth study of celebrities and cars continues. Christian De Sica is our next protagonist of this column. The actor is the son of art and inherited from his father Vittorio, also rich and successful, the passion for cars. What car will you drive every day? And how many will he have in the garage? … Read more

If you drive irresponsibly and get a fine, you also lose your job in these cases –

If you drive irresponsibly and get a fine you also

No one likes inattentive drivers or drivers who continually break the Highway Code, not even employers. Especially if this is the car you drive: be careful, too many fines lead to immediate dismissal. You have signed the contract, your new desk is ready, colleagues they smile at you ready to spend hours and hours with … Read more

Revolution in the world of cars: Euro 7 standards are on the way, there is already a date and prices are rising –

Revolution in the world of cars Euro 7 standards are

It seems that by now the European Union has launched the new standards for Euro 7 engines for cars. Radical changes in sight, the very first signs are arriving for motorists. Off to the new one Revolution as far as the world of motors is concerned. There European Commission in fact, a new change is … Read more

The president of Philip Morris: «My dream is that in 10 years Italy will become the first country in Europe without cigarettes»

The president of Philip Morris My dream is that in

Marco Hannappel, president and CEO of Philip Morris Italia and the sticks for Iqos “My dream? May Italy become the first country in Europe without cigarettes within the next 10 years». Word of Marco Hannappel, president and CEO of Philip Morris Italy. It may seem a contradiction, but it is not: the tobacco multinational has … Read more

The Milan-Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less than a low cost one

The Milan Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Business Class seats The only problem with this Barcelona-Milan Malpensa flight which lasts so little, about an hour and twenty minutes, that you can’t see an entire first-run film such as Bullet train, Nope or Minions can be found in the in-flight entertainment system. But enough cabin crew to get a … Read more

The investigation | Shopping in Modena and its province, that’s where it’s convenient

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

For the twenty-eighth year, the citizens of Modena can count on an important survey conducted by Federconsumatori which represents a unicum in all of Italy and becomes useful for providing an overview of the prices of groceries in the various brands of large-scale distribution, throughout the province. In fact, the Observatory collected and analyzed the … Read more

Fiat and Citroen, friends-enemies in small EVs – Vaielettrico

Fiat and Citroen friends enemies in small EVs Vaielettrico

He conceived the Fiat Centoventi, which should inspire the electric Panda- Fiat and Citroen, friends-enemies in small electric cars. While other manufacturers cancel the models of the segments low, Stellantis brands relaunch, but… The Citroen Oli, conceived which foreshadows a future small electric. Fiat and Citroen towards internal competition The fact that the Ford has … Read more

Other than Black Friday, the offer is all Red | A very rare Ferrari supercar goes up for auction –

Other than Black Friday the offer is all Red

Buy a Ferrari like this? It’s not a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The price of this supercar is comparable only to its rarity on the market: this is why enthusiasts fight over it. We know it by now limited editions of some models of Ferrari are expensive like few other cars in the world. Some even broke … Read more