Lo scandalo Carlsen-Niemann e l’imbroglio negli scacchi

Lo scandalo Carlsen Niemann e limbroglio negli scacchi

Per uno strano cortocircuito, un gioco antico ed essenziale come gli scacchi, che si ripete pressoché inalterato da secoli, può aprirsi talvolta a risvolti inaspettati ed esplosivi. Due giocatori, sessantaquattro case, sedici pezzi a testa, regole pressoché immutate: è difficile immaginare un gioco più perfettamente simmetrico degli scacchi, nonché un gioco più puro e “giusto”. … Read more

NEWS – Immobile and Zapata, what filters! Politano, Osimhen, Dybala, Rebic, Origi, Zappacosta …

NEWS Immobile and Zapata what filters Politano Osimhen Dybala

of 28 September 2022 at 12:15 Many excellent injuries during this break for the national teams, a great concern among the fantasy coaches. Here are the updates coming from the newspapers and from the fields on the conditions of the individuals towards the resumption of the championship, set for Saturday with the start of the … Read more

Goodbye San Siro, the 60,000-seat Cathedral will be born: too small, so it will be a stadium only for the rich – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Goodbye San Siro the 60000 seat Cathedral will be born too

The path that will lead to cancellation of the Meazza stadium from the history of soccer and of Milan is ready to begin: from September 28, until November 18, the public debate on the proposal for the new plant will be held a San Siro from Milan And Inter. At the end of the cycle … Read more

Messi show, Lautaro assists, Di Maria is there, Dybala is not: Argentina lesson to Jamaica

New Citroen C4 2022 2023 all the advantages of an SUV

Seleccion wins 3-0 with a seal from Alvarez and a brace from Pulce in the second half. Toro plays for 56 ‘, Di Maria 78’, Correa enters the final. Dybala at rest like the Viola Gonzalez Argentina with the wind in its sails and a Messi in “on fire” mode. After last Thursday’s walk with … Read more

TC NEWS – Foggia, decisive hours for the bench: Pavanel says no

TC NEWS Foggia decisive hours for the bench Pavanel

Other news – Calciomercato More news 09/28/2022 00:00 – The Boscaglia adventure has already ended in Foggia. From the summer proclamations to the current difficulties, the project never took off. And now look at the possible return of Marchionni 09/28/2022 00:00 – The Almanac of the day – News, negotiations and background of 27/09 … Read more

Vlahovic scores, Kostic invents: Serbia is promoted. Morata takes Spain to the Finals

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

TURIN – It’s party for Serbia And Spain: with Vlahovic And Kostic Drivers, one author of the goal and the other of the assist of the advantage, Stojkovic’s national team won 2-0 against Norwaysurpasses it in the rankings and gets the promotion in Nations League A. He also smiles Moratawhich thanks to the 1-0 away … Read more

Cassano attacca: «Haaland non sa giocare, Batistuta non pagava il caffè. Il litigio tra me e Totti…»

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

di Gregorio Spigno il solito Fantantonio quello ospite nel salotto del cantante e dello youtuber Luis Sal: stoccate e prese in giro su chiunque. Chiellini cattivo? un uomo per bene Antonio Cassano sempre il solito. Parla, racconta, spara. A zero su tutti. Peter Pan, l’eterno bambino del pallone, un fiume in piena . E da … Read more

Nations League, nothing but smoke and mirrors: Italy goes on only because the other national teams think about the World Cup – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

The great victory againstEngland. The triumph in the house of the fearsome Hungary by Orban. The first place in the group and the final-four of Nations League to be played next June in Holland. All smoke in the eyes: Italy wins in a tournament that the others who will go in Qatar snub. Nothing has … Read more

EXCLUSIVE MN – Bianchin: “Milan will have to say yes or no heavy. Leao has a problem of 19 million. De Ketelaere? You have to get an eye …”

EXCLUSIVE MN Bianchin Milan will have to say yes

MilanNews.it © photo by www.imagephotoagency.it Luca Bianchina journalist following Milan for La Gazzetta dello Sport, gave an exclusive interview to the microphones of MilanNews.it. La Rosea interviewed Maldini both at the Sport Festival and, the day after, for the newspaper: what came out of these talks, in your opinion, about the present and the near … Read more