3 ingenious and simple tricks to save money with a pellet stove, to try now!

Saving with a pellet stove rather than with radiators is almost certain. But we can do even more.

In fact, it is not enough to choose a heating system that technically saves us on the bill. We can (and must) implement some tricksAnd we will optimize consumption staying warm anyway.


After a rather hot autumn start, bad weather is now making itself felt and the first snow arrives. By now we have already decided what kind of heating system to use and we are dealing with consumption.

It wasn’t an easy choice this year, due to the upheaval in the prices of all fuels. Everywhere you look, the raw material costs much more: firewood, bioethanol, gas and pellets have all been affected by the conflict in Ukraine and also by ruthless speculation. Or better, the pockets of the Italians were affected.

Anyone who has opted for a pellet stove knows which, despite the price increases, it is still a fairly cheap method to warm up. Other than that, he can still take advantage of gods ingenious tricks and save a little. Here they are all.

Saving money with a pellet stove: 3 ingenious and simple tricks to try right away

We know that any kind of means of heating that we use must be maintained properly: this way we don’t waste energy neither to operate it nor during its operation.

It also applies to the Pellet stove: to save money, even if it seems paradoxical, we have to spend a little more, and especially in material we buy. Poor pellets burn badly and produce more residues, which then clog pipes and vents. When we buy the bags we must also look at the percentage of humidity of the product, which is indicated on the label. In fact, the best products do not ever exceed 10% humidity, while above this value we could burn Pellets which produce badly and therefore will cost us more.

Another trick to save on Pellets is that of buy it in bulk and/or in large quantities. The costs for packaging, in fact, weigh heavily on the final price of the product. This mechanism, as we know, works like this in every sector, even the food sector.

After well controlled the parameters of the stove and optimized consumption and yield with a good Pellet, we can take advantage of another genius trick. It will allow us to turn down the thermostat because we will have more heat inside the room. To get all this, just buy one stand fan and put it on the stove.

As we know the heat tends to rise and with a simple device we can return the hot air to “head height”. A very simple but effective solution and economicwhich will allow us to save even more.

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3 ingenious and simple tricks to save money with a pellet stove, to try now!

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