30% energy bonus: so you lower your bill by 30%, how it works, money and peace of mind in the pockets of families

Italian families are really in trouble and there are now many who are unable to pay their electricity and gas bills.

The reasons are now well known to all.


War in Ukraine and terrible inflation is bringing households to their knees as gas bills continually rise.

New bonuses and aids

Italian families have old and new bonuses available to deal with this sting on bills but also old and new aids and supports.

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Let’s see how families can cut just 30% of the expense on the electricity bill. The electricity bill is truly terrible for families and it is even estimated that soon as many as 9 million Italians will end up in energy poverty. Cutting your bill by 30% is really important. Families against the sting of bills have the bill bonus available. The social bonus on bills can be used by families with an ISEE of up to € 12,000.

The bill bonus and new savings opportunities

But also families with an ISEE within € 20,000, but with four dependent children can still benefit from the bonus on their bills. The same can be done by families benefiting from income and a citizenship pension. But these families anyway even despite the bonuses they really have a hard time paying their bills and now come some really important tricks on how to lower the terrible energy bill. Consumer protection associations are providing many useful and valuable advice on how to cut your bill by 30%. But the real enemy to fight against is precisely that of the hairdryer. With the return of winter, the hairdryer is used a lot but unfortunately it is the hair dryer that really consumes a lot of energy. Yet cutting hair dryer consumption by 30% is possible. First of all, you need to reduce the time of use of the hairdryer.

Beware of this consumption!

In fact, most Italians like to stay longer than they should, but today it is no longer possible and therefore it is essential to reduce the time. M.a the temperature of the device must also be reduced. In fact, a hairdryer that is too hot not only consumes a lot of energy but also risks damaging the hair. The third factor to reduce is that of power. Currently used devices of Italian families range from 600 w to 2,400 watts. So the hair dryer can get to use almost all the power supplied to the family. We assume that current contracts are usually 3,000 watts. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to reduce power and time but it can also be useful to use the plate that consumes less energy.

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30% energy bonus: so you lower your bill by 30%, how it works, money and peace of mind in the pockets of families

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