A new car factory in Marghera, an investment worth a billion: the challenge of an entrepreneur from Bangladesh

MESTRE – Almost a billion investment, a thousand jobs and an area of ​​250 hectares. An entrepreneur from Bangladesh is ready to put the money, the employees will hire them in Venice and the 250 hectares are looking for them in Porto Marghera. He was the consul general of the Bangladesh, MHJ Jabed, to present the proposal, complete with business plan, to the city the day before yesterday when he met with the Councilor for Commerce of the Brugnaro Junta. Sebastiano Costalonga confirms the news but does not want to add anything else: «It will be the mayor Luigi Brugnaro to evaluate the matter and decide if the initiative can have legs. There is no shortage of areas and the will of this Administration is to encourage investments, especially if they are environmentally sustainable, and to relaunch Porto Marghera. And, as far as I am concerned, I told the consul that it is also good for my trade sector, because, if this materializes, it will mean starting to invest in the territory and create wealth, while up to now the citizens of Bangladesh are they came to work at Fincantieri or in tourism but never spent money in the city, instead sending them home and remaining a poorly integrated community ».

The entrepreneur in question, it seems, specializes in the automotive sector and in particular in the new sectors of ecologically sustainable propulsion such as electric ones, and is developing his business around the world. One of the places chosen is Venice because on the one hand it represents a brand capable of spreading any entrepreneurial initiative established there at an international level, and on the other the industrialist knows well that Venice is working hard on European funds for sustainable manufacturing activities and that Porto Marghera is an area full of free spaces and, finally, that the Zls will develop right here, Simplified logistics area, designed to attract investments from all over the world thanks to tax, tariff and bureaucratic simplification, as well as tax credits. Furthermore, a new factory with a thousand employees, specialized in green productions, would be a powerful driver to launch the Venice Foundation, world capital of sustainability since it is committed to the promotion and development of civil society and human capital, in the historical and social dimension. economic and cultural heritage of Venice and its metropolitan projection, and in coherence with the values ​​of sustainable and inclusive development. If the mayor, after the appropriate investigations of the offices, decides to go ahead with the operation, the Company is ready to send its technicians to Venice also because the intentions are to start the construction of the factory as soon as possible. Furthermore, for Venice it could be one of the first foreign investors and, if it were to go through, demonstrating that in Porto Marghera you can start doing industry again without bureaucratic obstacles, it would be able to pave the way for many others.

Bangladesh is not one of the major countries in South Asia where the automotive sector is developed, but it does have car brands, including three most important: one is Sobari, which is owned by Tata Motors, the multinational giant Indian, and for now produces a compact van, affordable and roomy enough to meet the needs of the population; then there is Mishuk, a manufacturer of electric rickshaws made in many variations; and finally there is Agate, an automotive company that operates throughout Eurasia and does not build cars but sells luxury vehicles, also providing after-sales assistance services. Following this, other car companies operate in Bangladesh that have been growing in recent years and others that operate, generally, in the automotive sector producing car parts, for the most part in the medium-low category operating in a poor developing country. The Indian Tata is unlikely to be interested in the investment in Venice because, being a multinational, she has other channels to make contacts with a foreign country or a municipality, but the others could all be candidates, also because apparently the proposal brought in lagoon from the consul general is not a joke just to see how it goes, but a very complex plan, an indication of an in-depth knowledge of the territory and its potential.

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A new car factory in Marghera, an investment worth a billion: the challenge of an entrepreneur from Bangladesh

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