A new Italian airline is born: routes and fares

The new airline Aeroitalia takes off, with foreign capital but with a livery that recalls the colors of Alitalia. The first charter flight from Rome to Brussels will depart tomorrow 2 May, but the planes of the newly born carrier have already landed in Forlì from where the first scheduled flights to the South should depart by the summer.

A new Italian airline is born: connections

Aeroitalia received the Italian carrier certificate from ENAC and presented at Fiumicino the operational programs that envisage short and medium-haul flights for the next few months, in Italy, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, up to reaching destinations in the South in 2024 America and the United States.

The company proposes itself as a traditional carrier, not as a low cost one.

President of Aeroitalia is German Efromovich, former head of the South American Avianca, the first financier of the project together with the French partner Marc Bourgarde.

Awaiting the arrival of the 787 Dreamliners for long haul, which should bring the fleet to a total of 25 aircraft by 2023, Aeroitalia currently has 6 B737-800 aircraft available.

The first agreement was signed with the company that manages the “Luigi Ridolfi” airport of Forlì and should soon include connections with the airport of Foggia and other airports in Southern Italy.

The managing director will be the civil aeronautics expert prof. Gaetano Intreri, who explained how the company will initially employ 150 employees, integrated by the summer with other employees, up to approximately 500 personnel.

The goal is to hire both the former Alitalia workers on layoffs but also other Italian companies in crisis such as Blue Panorama.

A new Italian airline is born: the union note

The air transport union Confael congratulated the CEO of the new company, underlining that it had followed the process of setting up Aeroitalia from the very beginning, welcoming with enthusiasm and satisfaction all the choices made so far by the entire management “, declared the National Secretary of the Confael Air Transport sector, Mario Clemente.

“Aeroitalia is realizing with foreign capital what ITA should have done with the resounding EU-branded billions on the skin of the next generations”, writes the abbreviation in a note.

In the communiqué, the union wanted to mark the difference between the birth of the new carrier and the “Newco” ITA which took over the legacy of the national airline Alitalia (here we reported in the new routes areas of ITA).

“ITA – continued Clemente – is considered by public opinion as the new Alitalia and not for the colors, but in fact, less than a year after its establishment, the losses of ITA confirm a bad management of the public res that seems to be treated as a private asset by the administrators on duty and by the old trade unions that condition the entire labor market of this industry “(here we talked about the chaos among the top management of ITA).

The acronym recalled how the government is the sole owner of ITA “a circumstance that did not occur in Aeroitaliawhich, while counting on foreign capital, is the third company with an Italian aeronautical operational certificate issued by ENAC “.

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A new Italian airline is born: routes and fares

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