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Difficult to find an SUV at a more accessible price, even more difficult to get a perfect vehicle both for the road and for the narrow streets of a metropolis: neither potholes nor parking will ever be a problem again.

The race for the cheapest SUV continues: a new competitor enters a market sector increasingly crowded and obviously the potential customers who are there gain from it a large choice of low-cost vehicles that are worth buying from new. In addition to the competitive price, this also has another key feature for those who drive in the city.

What will the new model be? (canva)

Race to the bottom

In times like these when buying a new car is worth it up to a certain point between delaysgeneral fuel supply problems and situations of great economic instability throughout Europe, it is normal for car manufacturers, especially those that have yet to establish themselves on the western market, to try to play the bottom game.

Proposing ever cheaper cars brands such as DR Automobiles and Dacia were built an impressive array of fans, supporters and above all customers. However, they are not the only brands capable of offering SUVs at a very reasonable price. Recently, a brand not very well known in Italy before this year has come forward with a really interesting product.

Mahindra Web Source 20_11_2022 MondoFuoristrada
Winds of war on the Asian market! (WebSource)

New frontiers

The Asian house Mahindra it is a true colossus in India, its country of origin, but it is not particularly famous in Italy where in the past it has sold just a couple of not too famous off-road vehicles. Things could change because as reported by the brand’s website, this model is also available in Italy and above all, at a significantly lower price than many direct competitors.

Let’s consider two of the cheapest crossovers or SUVs on the Italian market: we have the Dacia Sandero Stepway with a price just under 14,000 Euros and the DR5 which costs more or less 21,000 and still offers a rather interesting range of options. But what if the Mahindra SUV also beats the price of these two vehicles?

An interesting offer

The Mahindra KV100 has a base price ranging between 12,000 and 16,000 Euros depending on the offer you choose. The second, turnkey, is offered directly on the Italian website of the house which is obviously trying to get noticed on our market right away. The small SUV is powered by a three-cylinder engine, it boasts a ground clearance discreet of 17 centimeters and in terms of standard equipment between the bluetooth system, ABS and electric window lifter it certainly does not fear rivals.

Kuv Web Source 20_11_2022 MondoFuoristrada
The small KUV100 is available in Italy (Web Source)

The car has an advantage over other SUVs because its small size – length of 3.7 meters – make it perfect for any metropolis, even the busiest and greedy for parking. Online, there are already good reviews for the small crossover which will surely be a big thorn in the side for any competitor and a very valid entry level for any customer who wants to approach the crossover market.

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A new SUV for just over 10,000 euros: it’s all true | Here’s which one to buy now – Mondofuoristrada.it

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