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The long wait is over and the first SUV from the Italian-Austrian company Abarth has finally arrived. Let’s see in detail performance, line, cost and market placement of the brand new product by Stellantis and company.

Lately the Stellantis Group has been moving forward a real revolution among the brands of the Fiat Group, an innovation that also includes premium brands such as Lancia and Alfa Romeo. Today, however, we are seeing something different: this is how Abarth put its first SUV on the market and when we can finally see it on our roads. If that happens of course.

Here comes the new Abarth (

Never done before

If you know the Abarth brand, you certainly haven’t heard of it for its SUVs or crossovers: the house founded by the Austrian driver Carlo Abarth is in fact known above all for its sports cars elaborated starting from Fiat vehicles as in the case of the very famous Abarth 595 – inspired by the 500 – or the very special OT850 – on a Fiat 850 chassis – all cars that collectors adore. But times change and so do the brand.

The interest of Abarth towards SUVs it is now well known: for months more and more detailed and interesting news has been following one another regarding the new creation of the brand member of the Fiat Group. It is about the Abarth Pulse which is also the first crossover SUV never built by the brand which thus leaves the increasingly exclusive “club” of houses that have never produced such a vehicle.

Fiat Canva 20_11_2022 Off-road world
The hand of Fiat (Canva)

It starts from here

The Abarth Pulse is not an original car, as is practically the case all creations of the Abarth brand which has decided to detach itself from its origins but up to a certain point. The car is in fact based on a product called Fiat Pulse which was conceived a few years ago for the South American market, a thriving forge of vehicles into which Stellantis has plunged headlong in search of a new market.

What changes in this model compared to the original Pulse? Starting from the aesthetics, as you will see from the photo, the car exhibits in perfect Abarth style a body kit aggressive looking which does not spare dark plastic fascias and new 17-inch sports-style alloy wheels. However, the car has also received important engine modifications which give it decidedly remarkable performance for a similar vehicle.

Where do we find it?

The Abarth Pulse It’s not an eco friendly car, for the moment: instead of the electric or hybrid motors mounted on almost all European cars coming out in 2023, the SUV boasts a 185 horsepower engine capable of detaching an interesting 0 to 100 in about seven and a half seconds. The maximum speed of 215 kilometers per hour is also not bad. But all this makes one thing clear: the Pulse is not destined for Europe, unfortunately for fans of the brand.

Pulse Web Source 20_11_2022 MondoFuoristrada
Abarth Pulse, a model never seen before (Web Source)

In fact, the car is destined for the South American market – to be precise, Brazilian – just like the car on which it is based. A revelation that will sadden the fans but all is not lost, you can always import it. After all, the price considering that we are talking about a sports SUV is not a drain, on the contrary it is competitive even by Western standards.

The car will cost the equivalent in Brazilian currency of around 27,000 euros and considering how much do they cost new SUVs from Fiat’s rival brands these days, importing a similar car is a viable option. We will see how the South American market will welcome this interesting product.

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Abarth, anything but 500: the first real SUV from the prepared Fiat arrives | It’s an incredible model –

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