After Doha in Qatar, route to Liguria: Genoa will be the base of the new MSC flagship

Baptism in Doha for the flagship of MSC Cruises: World Europa

Doha (Qatar): From Wags to Genoa. From Doha to Maritime Stations. Msc World Europa has chosen Qatar for the baptism, where it will be used as a floating hotel for the fans who will attend the World Cup matches. And for the Wags, the English acronym that refers to the wives and girlfriends of the players. In fact, the spouses of the champions of the English national team will sleep in the cabins of the flagship of Aponte’s company. Then, when the World Cup hangover is over, the ship will once again host less VIP cruise passengers on the route between Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Dammam. “Do you know which nationality has the highest number of visitors to Qatar? It’s the Italian one ”explains the volcanic CEO of Qatar Airways, the national air carrier. And here MSC hopes to attract other tourists from our country and beyond. “The cabins are already 91% full,” says Gianni Onorato, CEO of the cruise company. Covid hovers over the plans of the organizers of the World Cup, but the big names in the Emirate and the company reiterate: “We are ready, we have a protocol that has already been successfully tested in these years of pandemic”. Tonight the baptism of the ship will be a show that brings Qatar closer to the appointment with the World Cup, with the kick-off scheduled for next Sunday.

Route to Genoa
Msc World Europa, the ship that runs on gas and cost 1 billion to Gianluigi Aponte’s group, will then move to the Mediterranean and from 12 April, the date of the first landing, will make Genoa its base. The arrival of this colossus of the seas will not go unnoticed: the new flagship will land at Stazioni Marittime, mooring nestled in the old port of the capital. She will be one of the largest ever to land on that quay: 333 meters long, 47 wide, about 6,700 passengers with 2,700 crew members can take on board. And then the height: 68 meters, like a building with over 20 floors. MSC is in full expansion: it has used the period of the pandemic to further strengthen its fleet and at the end of the year it will be able to deploy 21 ships in the fleet which will rise to 23 by 2025. Another novelty for Genoa and for the sector: from the Ligurian capital the next 5 January two ships of the company will leave at the same time for cruises around the world: Magnifica and Poesia. Then great attention to the US market with the Seascape that will be baptized in New York at the beginning of December and the announcement that Euribia, the greenest ship that the French shipyards of Saint-Nazaire are building, will be deployed in Northern Europe, with home port to Copenhagen from 10 July. Meanwhile, the Ita Airways issue is still being discussed and Pierfrancesco Vago, executive president of MSC, on stage with the number one of Qatar Airways is committed to reiterating “the excellent collaboration” with the Emirate’s airline, as if to dampen the acceleration on the possible return to the track for the privatization of the Italian national airline as anticipated yesterday in the interview with Il Secolo XIX. The meaning is: we are not in a hurry, we already have alternatives and we are happy with Qatar Airways. Now MSC and Lufthansa can dictate the conditions of the negotiation that the government wants to restart quickly to avoid being left with the match in hand.

The green challenge
World Europa is powered by LNG, liquefied natural gas, and this solution makes it possible to cut carbon dioxide emissions into the environment by 25%. Not only that: the ship is equipped with a technology that allows it to reduce the acoustic impact in the sea, thus avoiding disturbing mammals, such as whales and dolphins. Sustainability is the real challenge of the cruise industry which must reach zero impact by 2050. Thus, energy consumption has also been made more efficient and the water disposal and recycling systems that serve the needs of passengers and hospitality on the new MSC flagship have also been made more compatible.

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After Doha in Qatar, route to Liguria: Genoa will be the base of the new MSC flagship

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