Air conditioner on, consumption crazy even after 1 hour? Here’s how to calculate your energy use well so as not to end up ‘broke’

Air conditioner on, consumption “like a heart attack”, is it really true? Let’s find out how to calculate them in two steps.

The hot torrid these days it is really putting a strain on our well-being. Who has a conditioner surely it is betterbut it also applies to yours wallets? Let’s find out together.

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Now we don’t talk about anything else: excessive costs ofpowerneed for change, overheating global, consumption crisis and more. It seems that everything revolves around something that until recently was almost “taken for granted”: the Light.

We mention the air conditioners and they come immediately in remembrance the words of Premier Draghi. To remedy the war we must “sacrifice” and consume less. As well as to be able to implement the energy transitionit would seem.

Even without so many “noble purposes”, however, today use a conditioner to freshen up the house can really turn out burdensome. Among other things, remember that a device of this kind it can become a dispenser of germs and bacteria.

Not by chance, in the summertimemany people develop allergies and / or coldsand more or less severe respiratory tract infections, due to poor maintenance of air conditioners. And with the infections from Covid that are “skyrocketing” we could even fall back into the feargiven that now it seems that everything has become dangerous for our health.

But we do not want this, and indeed, we must be positive and trust in our abilities. Immune and also of “survival” to the economic crisis / expensive energy. So here it is how to understand if our air conditioner can give us relief or a “blow” to the wallet.

Air conditioner on consumption after 1 hour, here’s how to calculate the energy use well

First of all, remember that the latest devices are built to have ahigher energy efficiency. Those who have an old air conditioner should perhaps consider purchasing a Class A +++ model. Understand the Class of a household appliance really easy because there is always an adhesive label with the category to which it belongs. Classes go from A +++ up to D. Of course, the further you advance with the alphabet, the greater the consumption.

In the same labelsthen, the power in kWhand consume for 60 minutes, then per hour. It is about indications precious and fortunately they are mandatory thanks to European regulations.

Own hourly consumption and power We can calculate how much we spend with our air conditioner on. It should be noted, however, that the air conditioner consumes more as soon as it is turned on. As it grows up to speed, energy use also stabilizes. But we still have a parameter to evaluate, which will make us understand if we can cool off peacefully or if it is better … take a cold shower.

To date, energy costs an average of 0.27-0.35 euros / kWhbut depending on the contract with your operator we can even reach 0.58 euros / kWh. considering taxes and additional costs. To understand the cost of the air conditioner, just look at the label above, where the consumption for 60 minutes appears. For example we might find 1kWh / 60.

We multiply 1 by the rate currently active in our bills and we get the “price” of the air conditioner on. So we may have varying results 40 to 50 cents per hour. It may seem like a little, but at the end of the day, at the end of the month and at the end of the summer the costs could have reached a hefty sum.

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Air conditioner on, consumption crazy even after 1 hour? Here’s how to calculate your energy use well so as not to end up ‘broke’

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