Aircraft strike tomorrow: Ryanair, Volotea, easyJet and Ita, which flights are at risk

Tomorrow a day of inconvenience is expected in the Italian skies (the first of a long summer that could offer others) for a series of strikes by airline staff, especially low cost ones, and by flight controllers in a portion of the country. There is still no official balance of the connections that will be canceled, but in the time slot chosen for the agitation, about 2,100 aircraft are expected to depart from our country, plus the same number arriving from abroad, according to the calculations of the Corriere on the numbers of the platform. Airline Data Inc.

357 thousand passengers involved

Passengers involved

there could be 357 thousand, even if, explain the airlines involved, an attempt is being made to reschedule the day to minimize inconvenience. The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the Strike Guarantee Commission explain that it is planned a strike from 8 to 20 by ENAV personnel in the Milan area control centerof the employees of Alitalia, Ita Airways and easyJet (from 13 to 17) and of the low cost Ryanair, its subsidiary Malta Air (with Crewlink) and Volotea (from 10.01 to 14).

Protests against Ryanair

especially Ryanair to end up in the crosshairs of the unions. In a note, Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti speak of the impossibility of opening a discussion on the problems that have afflicted the crew for months. Among the open issues, according to the acronyms, are the failure to comply with the minimum wages provided for by the national contract, the persistence of an agreement on the cut of wages that is no longer current, the arbitrary curtailments of the paycheck, the non-payment of sick days, the company’s refusal to grant compulsory leave during the summer season and the lack of water and meals for the crew. Accusations that the low cost rejects. Unions threaten more protests in the absence of concrete signals from Ryanair.

A day of inconvenience

As on other occasions, the airline, according to the well-informed, will try to reduce cancellations by using personnel brought from other bases abroad. From Volotea they let it be known that there could be a dozen canceled flights, while easyJet is still defining the list. We are aware of some union actions that could impact air traffic in Italy, clarifies a spokesperson for the Corriere. Like all companies operating to and from Italy, we can expect some inconvenience tomorrow. We recommend that passengers check the status of their flight in the flight tracker section on our website or in the app. The British company adds that it is doing everything it can to reduce the impact of the strikes. Ita Airways should cancel 81 flights in particular over the Milan area. In any case, ENAC reminds us that 10 national flights (for Sardinia and Sicily) and 18 international flights will be ensured during the agitation time slot, especially outside Europe.

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Aircraft strike tomorrow: Ryanair, Volotea, easyJet and Ita, which flights are at risk

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