Among the worst sports cars there is an Italian icon: fans without words | It’s really her

Notoriously we Italians are good at building two types of cars: utility cars and supercars are the cars that come to us better than anyone else! But we also have a black sheep: it is among the worst Italian sports cars

How does it feel to discover that your country is the author of what is probably the worst sports car ever conceived? Did the reviews go down too heavily? We we are convinced not as all the trade magazines agree on one fact: this sports sedan was a colossal failure that undermined the reputation of a historic brand.

Maserati Biturbo (Canva)

The most loved Trident

When it comes to famous sports cars not only in Italy but all over the world the Maserati brand it is always one of the most prominent brands. This house also known as the Trident by its many admirers has been active since 1914 and in unsuspecting times also obtained a Formula 1 world title: it was the year 1957 and the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio thought about driving the Maserati single-seater to victory. soon won other titles.

Maserati Canva 10_11_2022 MondoOffroad
A very important brand (Canva)

This is just to make you understand that the brand in question is an Italian excellence, a brand that has gained prestige all over the world … but which unfortunately, to hear the opinion of experts, sector magazines and disappointed buyers who bought the car also took a blow to their reputation by unveiling a particular car that would not have had the success they hoped for.

It looked like the future

When it hit the world market in 1981, the Maserati Biturbo it looked like the future of the sporty luxury sedan. Equipped with a clean line but at the same time aggressive, elegant and very comfortable and luxurious inside, the car featured numerous innovations from a mechanical and engine point of view starting with the V6 engine equipped with two independent turbochargers each mounted on a bank of the engine.

The car derived directly from the Merak coupe, a sports car that had been very successful just ten years earlier: the premises in short they were great and to add to all these positive aspects, the car had a competitive launch price for the time – around 22 million Lire – and the brand expected to produce 5,000 units a year, also exporting them to the United States. A guaranteed success in practice.

Too many problems

Unfortunately for the Trident, the car immediately began to have several problems starting from the price which, due to delays during the design phase, went up to 26 billion Lire, canceling the advantage that the Biturbo had over its rivals in the sector. Then came the reliability problems: unlike the Merak, the Biturbo it had rust problems quite evident that they also appeared on cars with a few years of age.

Biturbo Web Source 10_11_2022 MondoFuoristrada
Maserati Biturbo (Web Source)

As reported by the periodical in addition, cars destined for the United States were weakened due to emissions regulations. An additional problem for engines that also due to the use of synthetic rubber rings in the exhaust system they tended to spoil very often. In short, the car was a commercial failure despite remaining in production for ten years and according to some experts, it led to the withdrawal of the brand from the American market until 2001: a total fiasco!

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Among the worst sports cars there is an Italian icon: fans without words | It’s really her

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