Another 24-hour strike coming: who stops and when

After a particularly difficult summer for operators and travelers across Europe, including in Italy the strikes planes. It starts next week with the abstention from work of pilots and flight attendants of four airlines, among the most used thanks to the low cost of tickets. The agitation was launched by Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti, and will affect the various carriers differently. At the base of the new flight strike there are issues never resolved by individual companies, which continue to fail to protect their employees.

The reasons behind the aircraft strike of October 1, 2022

The mobilization will take place on October 1, 2022. The trade unions underline that it is necessary to open a discussion on the “real problems” that have afflicted the crew for months, who claim contracts that guarantee “decent working conditions and salaries at least in line with ai minimum wages”Provided for by the National Collective Labor Agreement for air transport in Italy.

As for Vueling, Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti explain that the Spanish company, which is part of the IAG group (the same as British Airways and Iberia), has launched a procedure that provides for at least 17 redundancies among the approximately 120 flight attendants hired at the Rome Fiumicino base. This after a summer in which the crews flew at the limit of the hours allowed by the regulations.

Uiltrasporti, on the other hand, explains that the corporate attitude of the low cost airlines involved in the strike “constantly undermines the rights” of workers, subjected to pressure And fatigue operational out of control. Industrial relations are “now at an all-time low or in some cases even absent”. Add to this wages insufficient and well below the minimum wages required by law.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to resolve important critical issues concerning compliance with the legislation protecting the maternity and of paternitysuch as the exemption from night work for mothers with young children.

The four companies that will see their flights canceled on October 1 are asked by the unions for a “comparison constructive and transparent ”with the organizations representing the workers, in order to avoid dismissals and find solutions to protect sailors based in Italy.

How long does the strike last and what guaranteed flights will be

The companies involved in the strike of 1 October are the following.

  • easyJet. 24 hour strike.
  • Ryanair. 24 hour strike.
  • Volotea. 24 hour strike.
  • Vueling. 4-hour strike, from 1pm to 5pm.

On the other hand, she is not involved Wizz Air, for which the unions have, however, promised protest actions in the future if the company does not solve the internal problems that involve female and male workers. In fact, Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti have stressed that new strikes will arrive until the requests of pilots and flight attendants are “listened to”.

According to the estimates of the Corriere della Seraonly Ryanair’s 24-hour strike will leave ground or trouble 100 thousand passengers. ENAC has not yet published the list of guaranteed flights on 1 October, but it is conceivable that at least the planes connecting the major islands to the rest of the Peninsula will travel on that date.

A difficult autumn is therefore expected for the sector, after the stangata on flight prices arrived before the summer, which we talked about here. To avoid inconvenience and make sure you can fly, it is still advisable to contact the airline by telephone. Here we have explained to you how to obtain a refund of the ticket in the event of a strike. In case of lost baggage, you can find here our guide to recovery and compensation.

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Another 24-hour strike coming: who stops and when

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