Auto market: new heavy collapse in Italy

The situation of the automotive sector in Italy scares us a lot, according to data from the Ministry of Transport, in fact, even the month of April just ended was characterized by continuously decreasing numbers, which plunged the market players into a deep crisis, which seems not to be to have an end.

Car manufacturers cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel: first Covid and the consequent lockdown, then the semiconductor crisis and production delays and deliveries, finally, were joined by the war between Russia and Ukraine and expensive gasoline. All factors that do nothing but bury a sector that, by 2020, is struggling to recover, despite the support of the Government, given by incentives.

The numbers of 2022

Let’s talk about numbers now, total registrations in April were 97,339, down 32.98% compared to the same month last year. of 2021. A dizzying decline, worse than that which characterized the previous months (-29.7% in March and -22.6% in February). The factors that contribute to making this scenario dramatic are certainly:

Making a comparison with the pre-Covid era, the numbers are frightening: we are at one heavy -43.9% compared to April 2019.

The situation of the main brands

Let’s start from Stellantis, the automotive giant born from the merger between FCA and PSA, as we know. Registrations in April reached 34,609, with an important 40.92% less than in the same period of 2021. All brands registered a minus sign, except Maserati (+ 5%) and DS (+ 27.74%).

Almost all the brands of the Volkswagen Group follow a negative trend. There were 17,000 total registrations, with a decrease of 32.36%. Only Cupra is saved, with an impressive increase of 193.46%. Renault marks a -42.89%, Dacia registers 4,356 units, 5.08% less. Ford also fell, with 5,863 registrations and a –34.78%. Minus sign also for BMW, down by 17.9%, with MINI’s -39.24%. The numbers of Mercedeswhich recorded a -32.65%, and Smart, down 34.31%.

Toyota down by 11.83% and Lexus by 35.92%; Suzuki (-74.06%), Nissan (-15.94%), Mazda (-34.23%), Mitsubishi (-41.06%), and Subaru (-28.92%) also fell. Honda instead sees an increase in April, of 61.45%. Hyundai drops by 15.8% and Kia by 8.24%. Volvo last April took 54.21%, even Jaguar recorded a very bad -55.18%, instead Land Rover, the off-road brand, reaches -40.21%. Tesla, on the other hand, is still growing, although the race has slowed compared to March. Ferrari -20% Porsche -26.04%. DR records a new boom, with an excellent + 96.42%.

The best-selling cars

But in this tragic situation, which cars are the most loved by Italians anyway? She is still at the top, we had no doubts: Fiat Panda it was also the best-seller in April 2022, with 9,474 units. Then followed by Ford Puma and Volkswagen T-Roc, to complete the podium. Fourth place for Lancia Ypsilon, then Dacia Sandero, Toyota Yaris Cross, Jeep Compass, eighth the Fiat 500, ninth 500X and closes the top ten Jeep Renegade.

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Auto market: new heavy collapse in Italy

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