Bills, 100% price increases. The accounts of the defaulters charged to the families, Arera alarm on the October rates

Prices in bill more than doubled in just three months: from the first October there is a risk of increases above 100%. But also the threat of an explosion of arrears of families and businesses and bankruptcies among energy sellers that risk making the bill even heavier for everyone. Is called “Socialization of burdens”. The debts of those who are unable to pay their bills and in particular of some companies that sell electricity but fail are paid by the rest of the consumers, by those who pay their bills regularly, a sort of solidarity contribution decided by a resolution of theArera of 2018.

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Therefore, after a very heavy year due to the surge in energy costs, a “dramatic” scenario comes from the alarm launched by the Arera in a report sent to the government and Parliament. The Authority requests further “extraordinary interventions” to address the “Strong critical issues for the national system” linked to the crazy prices “especially in the last few days”. Blame “for the use of gas as an instrument of pressure on European economies”. Interventions in the national and EU market, says the Authority to “rebalance supply and demand, contain prices and set up the system”, to be added to the approved modification of the gas price formation mechanism, no longer linked to the Ttf in Amsterdam so subject to speculation.
Arera’s alarm starts from current prices, which have reached 200 euros per megawatt hour, and from those foreseeable for the next few months amidst the threats to stop Moscow’s gas in the middle of winter if gas in recent days remains close, he says. , “A further increase in household bills, estimated today by more than 100% compared to the current quarter”. An avalanche that not even government aid will be able to stop.


“The planned government interventions to reduce these variations”, says the Authority led by Stefano Besseghini, “could not avoid variations in costs that never occurred”. And these are costs that “would be difficult to sustain for all consumers, not just domestic ones, with potential repercussions on the stability of the entire supply chain”. Moreover, in this dramatic scenario, the concentration in August of gas supplies for the October-December quarter, given the reduced liquidity of forward products, can create even greater volatility and a further increase in prices “. Not only. Certain prices have made it difficult for wholesalers to stock up on gas, causing the supply chain to go into crisis.


The strong uncertainty about the availability of gas and high prices “is causing, among other things, difficulties for operators in finding the volumes necessary to meet demand, including for domestic use and, for many end customers, in concluding supply contracts for starting from 1 October, reports the Arera. Large gas consumers, individual operators and associations reported severe difficulties in finding wholesale gas volumes. And this suggests to the Arera the “potential growth in cases of activation of the default transport service, aimed at guaranteeing the availability of gas for sellers left without a supplier, as well as a subsequent massive transfer of final customers in services of last resort. », Namely the service that avoids the interruption of electricity and gas for families and businesses guaranteed by Enel and Hera Comm.

And again the possible default of sellers already seen in several EU countries, at least 40 in 2021 between Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and the Czech Republic, “would have repercussions on the equilibrium of the system with an increase in costs to socialize for the generality of end customers, due to the termination of the balancing or distribution contracts of operators and the increase in the arrears of end customers ». It has already made its mark last year. And the Green Network and Gala case is just one example. “Similar situations last winter and have resulted in an imbalance of the system for a few hundred million that may require socialization.” In other words, a new weight on the bill coming.


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Bills, 100% price increases. The accounts of the defaulters charged to the families, Arera alarm on the October rates

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