Biomass boiler, a good alternative to gas for the environment

Gas heating: how to save on the cost of bills? Gas heating is the most used by families in Italy, but bill costs are growing exponentially. For this reason, many families are looking for alternatives to the boiler to save on the cost of bills. The systems of pellet heating and wood are an excellent alternative to gas, because allow you to save up to 30% on the cost of the bill. Furthermore, these systems are less polluting and more environmentally sustainable.


We all know that fossil fuels are slowly but surely running out, and that the resulting pollution is one of the main threats to the health of our planet. Biomass represents a valid sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, as it is a renewable resource with a low environmental impact. Biomass can be used to produce electrical and thermal energy, and it is a particularly versatile resource: it is in fact waste from agricultural activities that can be easily modified to adapt to our needs. Investing in biomass therefore means investing in a sustainable future for our planet: a future in which clean and renewable energy will be the norm, and no longer the exception. Some examples of biomass are:

  • firewood
  • residues of agricultural or forestry activities
  • waste from the food industries
  • waste liquids deriving from farms
  • Seaweed

As you can see, there are several materials that can be used for the production of chemical compounds or biological fuels, but above all for the generation of electrical and thermal energy. As we have seen, energy can be obtained by burning woody biomass, such as wood, in boilers or cogeneration plants. Woody biomass is a renewable energy source which can be used for the production of heat or electricity. Woody biomass can also be used for the production of biofuels and chemical compounds.

Biomass boilers

There are different types of wood, such as sawdust, which derive from industrial waste, or wood logs, which are made up of pressed wood residues. The choice of the type of wood to use depends on our needs and preferences.

Choosing the right boiler

How to choose the best biomass boiler for your needs? Commercially they are available different types of biomass, pellet, wood or wood chip boilers, suitable to satisfy any type of need. Reverse or inverted flame boilers are among the most common and allow you to load the firebox in an optimal way, without burning all the wood at once.

How a biomass boiler works

The operation of a biomass boiler works in a very similar way to traditional gas ones. Heating and hot water for the house are provided thanks to the combustion of biomass. The heat generated by the combustion of the material is used to heat the water present in the radiators and the one we use in the kitchen or bathroom to wash. One of the advantages of this type of boiler is that the combustible material is easily available, for example, it is possible to find at a good price, or even free, the wood chips to be burned in the boiler. This therefore involves a drastic reduction in boiler management costs. In addition, biomass boilers are designed to work all year round and can be easily switched off during the summer season when it is no longer necessary to heat the house.

How much does a biomass boiler cost

If you are thinking of installing a biomass boiler in your home or business premises, it is important to consider the availability of a dry space for fuel storage. In fact, firewood reaches its maximum calorific value after at least three years of drying. Establishing the precise price of a biomass boiler is not possible, the final estimate always depends on a careful evaluation of the square meters of the environment to be heated and on the capacity of the system we are considering.

Therefore, establishing the exact cost of a biomass boiler is difficult because it depends on several factors. However, to give an indicative idea it is possible to say that the cost is around € 4,000, excluding any installation costs. To try to save a little, however, it is also possible to throw an eye on the second-hand market.

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Biomass boiler, a good alternative to gas for the environment

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