Black Friday 2022: what it is, when it starts and how long it lasts

The Black Friday is practically upon us: the Friday of super discounts this year will be November 25th. The tradition, of American origin, has for years also spread in Italy where many citizens are waiting for the end of November to do shopping and – why not – think about some Christmas gifts in advance. For Black Friday 2022 the average spending budget of Italians will be lowered to 251 euros, in practice 8% less than last year. If two out of three Italians are still ready to buy some product, 30% say they will spend less than in 2022. This is what emerges from the annual survey conducted by the Idealo portal and anticipated byAdnKronos. But let’s find out now what they are curiosity main on this event.

What does Black Friday mean

The Italian translation is simple: “Black Friday” but its meaning sinks roots in the 60s when it began to have a significant success and then finally exploded before the definitive explosion in the 80s becoming in effect a national event of the United States. The hypotheses on the meaning are different: according to some sociologists it is associated with traffic and problems for thousands and thousands of people forced to stand in line in order to be the first to ensure the products sought. To make a parallel, it is like when in Italy there is a black dot on the motorways for the summer traffic of vacationers. According to another trend, however, the term “black” associated with Friday it would be due to many company employees who presented medical certificates and were absent from their workplaces in order to purchase the desired product, thus leaving the offices uncovered. Next to these hypotheses, then, there is the one considered more reliable which has to do with the cash registers of the shops that were colored black as the earnings became more conspicuous, as opposed to the red color which indicates a deficit.

How “Black Friday” was born

As mentioned, the Black Friday boom has been in the United States since 80s: it is always celebrated the day after Thanksgiving (which this year falls on November 24) and today it is now considered an “unmissable” event: only last year, the week of the event increased the turnover of 6 % compared to the previous year with a round of money equal to 492 million euros. But how did the idea come about? It all comes down to the chain of Macy’s department store who in 1924 organized a parade through the streets of New York on Thanksgiving day: the event was so successful, the number of people was so high and the discounts so enticing that it was also emulated by other large chain stores with the passing of years.

When Black Friday 2022 starts

This year, the most enticing shopping Friday of the year will begin at midnight on November 25 when, already in the online stores or on the big portals it will be possible to buy products at advantageous prices. Actually, come on Amazon it will be possible to take advantage of discounts related to Black Friday from November 18th, basically a week before.

How long does it last

For most stores (including online ones), Black Friday is an event that generally lasts in those 24 hours November 25 but many stores, including Amazonextend their offers until Monday, November 28, in practice four days full. Consumers will still do well to check all the dates online because there are also numerous stores that will anticipate the highlight: Unieuro, for example, has already started the Temptation Black Friday with discounts on electronics products, appliances and more. Also on the Euronics website reference is already made to some offers and promotions that should start on November 24th and last until 29th.

Differences between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

If we now know everything about Black Friday, the second most anticipated event is the Cyber ​​Monday, famous for being considered a kind of “pre-Christmas shopping” that falls on the Monday following Black Friday (this year on November 28th) and which closes the period of super promotions. As you can easily guess from the name cyber, cybernetics, is the key day for electronics lovers with important discounts on products belonging to this category. Also in this case, it is not excluded that prices may start to decrease already a few days before, when they do not become a real continuation of the Friday discounts.

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Black Friday 2022: what it is, when it starts and how long it lasts

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