Bmw, the new 3 series scares everyone: true sports performance and disarming beauty –

For all lovers of engines, and in particular BMW, great news is coming: the new BMW 3 series is coming out, with excellent performance to say the least. Let’s talk about the evolution of a car model that is waiting to be discovered.

Usually, by the time a house of historical productionwhat is the case with BMWis about to put on the market an evolutionary model of a previous version, the operation it is always delicate. Fin, of course, from production.

The BMW 3 series, now in its seventh edition.

One wonders, in fact, how innovate the template without distorting its characteristics, that is, those that allowed the previous version to be made known to the general public. Apparently, the restyling it has succeeded, on a technical, functional, and aesthetic level. Fans from all over the world therefore have good reason to expect a lot from the new release of the German manufacturer.

The new sports sedan it keeps intact the balance, as few have been able to do, between reasoning on the one hand, and ease and pleasure in driving on the other. We have now arrived at the seventh generation of the BMW 3 series, and the expectations, we repeat, have not been disappointed. But let’s get into the details now.

The exterior restyling

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The new lines available, subject to restyling, of the BMW 3 series.

Successful restyling, albeit operated on a lighter and more delicate way. What you notice, compared to the previous version is one grill slightly more angularas well as the lower profile without the accentuated dividing line of the bumper, for a designall in all, more sinuous.

The interior restyling

Inside you notice something more incisive, in terms of restyling. Starting with the large concave widescreen supplied. It incorporates, in two separate halves, the touch for the instrumentation (whose screen measures 12.3 “) and the section infotainment (with 14.9 “screen).

As already noted, compared to the previous version, more compact and integrated, according to many, the current one has a appearance more detached and “support” respect to the dashboard. but, on a technical level, the fluidity of the controls is admirable, even reaching the functionality of the smartphonein this respect.

The system operating is the proprietary one, designed by BMW and now the version 8.0which has advanced voice commands, the possibility of remote updating, in addition to the functionalities BMW ID And BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The changes on the side of the engines

With performance which guarantee continuitycompared to previous modelwe find however two factors of innovativeness. The first is the change. Abandoned definitively, for series 3, the exchange manualand embraced the automatic gearbox option with, as standard, the electronic mini-slider instead of the lever.

About the two plug-in hybrid versionsthere has been a change given by theincrease from power of the already more powerful version (which goes from 252 to 292 horses). And the four-wheel drive it is also available on the less powerful version.

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Bmw, the new 3 series scares everyone: true sports performance and disarming beauty –

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