Bolzano is the most expensive city, in Ancona you can find the most convenient full tank: the prices

Patchy fuel prices. But the Italians, in addition to being faced with increases after the discount on excise duties have been removed, could also find themselves with the distributors closed: yesterday, after a meeting between the three acronyms representing the managers Faib-Confesercenti, Fegica and Figisc-Confcommercio (that there is no speculation and they were used as a scapegoat) a request was made for a meeting with the government to take stock of the decree announced the day before yesterday which provides, among other things, for a cap on motorway prices. The petrol stations in Faib, Fegica and Figisc/Anisa have called a national strike, both on the motorway and on ordinary roads, for the next 25 and 26 January. The protest also includes a demonstration in front of Montecitorio, to restore the truth and put an end to the wave of mud unleashed by the government against an entire category of workers – the promoters write – just to try to cover their political responsibilities and the decision to suddenly eliminate the cut in excise duties which has caused fuel prices to rise.

The peak on the Milano-Laghi

In the meantime, the controversy over price increases remains hot. The most expensive price was found in the Esso service station just outside Milan, in the Villoresi Ovest service station on the motorway to the Lakes. Here, diesel was exposed to 2.512 euros per litre, while petrol was at 2.412 euros and it is the self mode. Perhaps a sporadic case. In the city the prices go down. At Tamoil in viale Brianza, behind the central station, diesel was sold at 1.959 euros per liter in both modes, while Super cost 1.899 euros. Again the green at the Eni petrol station in Largo Ricci in Rome on the Esquiline was at 1.844 both in self and serviced mode while the diesel was at 1.904 in both modes. From the IP petrol station in Viale Parioli, also in the capital, the diesel served was sold at 1.976 euros per served and self-service, while green was 2.017 euros per litre. These are some of the prices that could be found yesterday in Italy as they result from the Petrol Prices App, one of the main applications for knowing the prices charged near where you are.

The province

But punctual and precise surveys on fuel prices in Italy are carried out by Staffetta Quotidiana, a magazine specialized in energy which, after the entry into force of the obligation to communicate prices in 2009, publishes the average prices charged, communicated by managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy (formerly Economic Development), which detects and processes on a daily basis. Based on the latest average calculations, Bolzano is the most expensive province, where green at 1.884 euros and diesel at 1.957 euros per litre, always in self. The cheapest is Ancona with 1.763 euros for self-service super and 1.841 euros per liter for diesel. Among the big cities, Rome is the cheapest, where on average green cars sell for 1.8 rounds and diesel at 1.857, followed by Naples with Super at 1.818 euros and diesel at 1.868, while in Milan the average for green in self of 1.836 euros and that of diesel 1.897 euros. Why are some cities more or less expensive? Above all, the proximity to the refinery counts – explains Azzurra Pacces, expert in fuel markets for Staffetta Quotidiana -. For example Ancona close to the Falconara refinery, Bolzano instead far from the refineries. Cagliari has a nearby refinery which is cheaper than Olbia which is not. Then it also depends on the quantity of fuel dispensed, i.e. on how much the distributor bills.

The daily lists

Then there is the national average price, which yesterday (again based on Staffetta Quotidiana data) for petrol was 1.82 euros in self-service mode and 1.961 in served mode. The diesel cost 1.876 euros for self and 2.016 euros for serviced. In dispensers that have the logo of an oil company the prices are higher and on average they were equal to 1.822 euros (per self) per liter and 2.004 euros (with the help of the gas station attendant) for the Super and respectively 1.877 euros and 2.059 euros for diesel. Within the companies, the most expensive yesterday for self-service petrol was Eni with 1.829 euros, while for self-service diesel the most expensive was Q8 with 1.879 euros. Still the cheapest in the self for the green was Esso with 1.817 euros while for the diesel it was Tamoil with 1.872 euros. The price – explains Azzurra Pacces – is free, but not entirely. The oil companies give an indication (they are called “recommended prices”), which is not mandatory. Those who refuel at the so-called white pumps (which can be refueled by the company or in the most convenient depot at that time) save: the average for the green was 1.816 euros in the self and 1.876 in the served, the diesel respectively 1.872 euros and 1.931 euros per liter .

Government data

The government also monitors prices with the Observatory on fuel prices managed by the Ministry of Development (which under the Meloni government has been renamed to the Ministry of Made in Italy Enterprises). The weekly average of the national prices of petrol, diesel, LPG, heating diesel and fuel oil is published every Tuesday after 12 by the Ministry of the Environment and Economic Development. For petrol and diesel, only the prices charged in self-service mode are taken into account. The Transparency decree announced two nights ago by the government provides that the periodicity becomes daily. Price increases were analyzed on a weekly basis. According to the latest survey, the average for the week up to 8 January was that petrol was 10.2 per cent more expensive, diesel 9.4 per cent.

In Europe

One fact is certain: our country is second in Europe for fuel prices, where only in Finland does a full tank of petrol cost more, i.e. 1.910 euros, based on data from the European Union relating to 2 January. The most expensive diesel is paid for in Sweden with 2.152 euros per litre. The least expensive country for green is Bulgaria with 0.665 euros and Malta for diesel with 0.553 euros.

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Bolzano is the most expensive city, in Ancona you can find the most convenient full tank: the prices

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