Bonuses, apps and rationing at home: all systems against expensive energy to face the winter

Inflation, the skyrocketing costs of bills and in general theprice increase leads the Italians to change their habits. The greatest increases in recent months have been recorded in energy goods, but also in processed food and durable goods. The families so they had to run for cover.

The countermeasures concern the daily habits of many families: not only for purchases that completely change compared to the past, but also for consumption which many try to reduce with various tricks.

On the one hand there are the bonusthe old ones and the new ones, but there are also different solutions: we start from anti-waste app and we arrive at the reduction of consumption through different behaviors compared to the past. Corriere della Sera reviews all the systems already applied or to be applied for save some in view of winter and expensive energy also and above all due to gas.

How to save on daily expenses

The first change of habit of the Italians was certainly seen at supermarket. More and more families are focusing on offers and points of sale where they save, starting from discount. In this way, a couple with two children can save over 3 thousand euros in a year (out of a total expenditure of more than 8,500 euros), by buying cheaper products.

Then there are also the app to save on expenses, such as those against waste which include the purchase with huge discounts on advanced products at the end of the day. Another change of habit is that concerning the purchase of school books and gods stationery products: there are those who have started buying second-hand books or those who have stocked up in large stores that apply greater discounts for school supplies.

Bonuses against expensive energy

Then there are the bonus, introduced to help families in difficulty due to the energy crisis. One of the last is the one sui transportwith a refund of 60 euros for the purchase of monthly and annual passes for public transport: the vouchers issued have already been more than 700 thousand and the funds have been increased from 79 to 180 million euros, confirming the bonus for incomes under 35 thousand euros.

Then for families there is the social bonus for bills of electricity and gas, but only with an ISEE of less than 12 thousand euros (a threshold that could rise to 15 thousand with the dl Aid ter). Same measure that introduced the bonus 150 euros for citizens with an income below 20 thousand euros, or employees who in November had a salary of less than 1,538 euros: about 22 million people will benefit from it.

The reduction of consumption in the home

There are also some tips to follow to try reduce the consumption of electricity and gas and thus have a less heavy bill. Among the options is to reduce the time of the shower (no more than 5 minutes) but also the water temperature. At the same time it is advisable to always turn off the domestic appliances not in use and to reduce the use of dishwashers and washing machines (no more than one per day and always at full load).

For household appliances such as TV it is recommended never to leave them in stand-by and to switch them off completely. Another important recommendation is that of turn off the bulbs when they are not needed and do not forget them on in other rooms of the house.

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Bonuses, apps and rationing at home: all systems against expensive energy to face the winter

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