Brand new car bonuses: rain of money and with the new bill canceled forever

There is a lot of help on the car front because motorists have been severely stung by inflation.

All Italian families are having great difficulty in moving forward but they are really the ones motorists to suffer particularly from inflation.


In fact, not only does petrol cost more and more, but spare parts are also becoming more and more expensive and therefore for those who have a car, it is increasingly difficult to move forward.

Lots of help only in front of the car

But a lot of new aid comes from the government on the car front and it is important to benefit from it.

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A first aid from the state is the € 7,500 bonus on the purchase of a new car, but what is causing the most discussion is certainly the help relating to the stamp which in many cases is actually canceled. On the purchase of a new car you can have a bonus of up to € 7,500. In fact, if you buy an electric (or low-emission) car and scrape an old polluting car the bonus will be € 7,500. But a very important bonus is also the so-called retrofit bonus. In fact the retrofit bonus allows you to have € 3,500 if you do the operation called retrofit. The retrofit involves replacing your car’s old diesel or petrol engine with an electric motor.

Car bonus and road tax aid

If you do this replacement you can have a discount on the cost incurred which can go up to € 3,500. So for motorists this is a real opportunity not to be missed. But certainly the most interesting and most concrete aids are precisely those of the car tax. In fact, for some citizens the car tax is canceled while for others you can have a 20% discount. All citizens can have a 20% discount on the payment of the car tax paying with domiciliation on the current account. So by doing this very simple operation you will automatically have a discount of about 20%. The amount of the discount depends on the region but is always applicable. However, with the current legislation you can also have a total exemption on the car tax.

Total exemption from stamp duty

In fact, as we know, the car tax is one of the most hated taxes by Italians and Italians would definitely like not to pay it anymore. But not paying the car tax is absolutely possible even in three different cases. First of all, electric cars are exempt from car tax. But electric cars aren’t the only ones. In fact, even cars covered by law 104 and even vintage cars are completely exempt from the payment of the bus tax but today a substantial saving on the car front also comes from those sites which allow you to compare the various policies with each other insurance to choose the one that costs less and the savings can be really substantial.

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Brand new car bonuses: rain of money and with the new bill canceled forever

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