Cadastre, superbonus effect: 300 thousand more deeds to update the values ​​of the properties

The maxi discount of 110% for energy redevelopment and building safety measures has also “changed” the Land Registry. In financial year 2021, due to the effect of the so-called building bonuses, the declarations of changes in assets as well as those of registration reached one million and 300 thousand deeds.

A push towards the digital updating of the Cadastre, given that annually updated records of these archives are presented in the order of 300 thousand records for the Land Cadastre and about one million for the urban building one. It is therefore at least 300 thousand more acts due to the bonus effect. This is what emerges from Piao, the integrated plan of activities and organization 2022-2024 of the Revenue Agency, developed by the general manager Ernesto Maria Ruffini and presented to the trade unions in recent days.

Between parcels and real rights

At the center in the last months of a bitter political battle between the government that aims at its revision with the fiscal delegation, and the right wing of the majority that in this reform sees a possible increase in taxes on the brick, the Cadastre managed since 2012 by the Revenue Agency, is nothing more than the inventory of real estate present in the national territory. The land part is made up of over 85 million parcels, while the building and urban part, today has about 74 million residential, industrial and commercial real estate units. The Cadastre is in any case constantly updated and the digitization of the procedures by sending the documents electronically (especially with the single model and the electronic succession) has guaranteed in 2021 the updating of the holders of real rights on the properties of about 8, 4 million real estate units. To these must also be added about 400 thousand applications for transfers submitted directly by taxpayers to the branches of the Agency.

With the cartographic map answers in 3 seconds

From the Organizational Plan developed by the Revenue, it also emerges that the consultation of the census archives in 2021 resulted in the release of approximately 1.3 million inquiries at the offices and approximately 56.8 million releases with the dedicated electronic channel, to which they must add the consultations through “cadastral” telematic services, equal to about 2.1 million personal searches and 4.3 million consultations of cadastral income on properties (buildings and land). The Italian cartographic heritage, which covers the total coverage of the national territory (about 300 thousand square kilometers), consists of 300 thousand map sheets and 20 thousand attachments. This allows taxpayers the possibility of consulting cadastral maps dynamically and directly online thanks above all to the service created according to the specific Web map service (ms) and using the website called cadastral cartographic Geoportal. In 2021, there were 3,701 million requests to the Wms consultation service, in addition to 421 million requests made through the cadastral cartographic Geoportal. With these services, 99.2% of the requests made by users were answered in less than 3 seconds.

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Cadastre, superbonus effect: 300 thousand more deeds to update the values ​​of the properties

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