Car and motorcycle bonus: starting on January 10 but reduced to 5 thousand euros

Electric car incentives

The restart of the Ecobonus portal of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy (ex Mise) is postponed from 2 to 10 January. But the real negative news is in the amount of the car bonus which will be 5,000 euros for everyone, with the forfeiture of the contribution up to 7,500 euros for those with an ISEE under 30 thousand euros.

An illustration taken from the Ecobonus section of the Ministry of Transport website.

Available 630 million, 5000 euros with scrapping for the electric car

The conditions compared to last year (read here) they are equal. Except the fading of the “super bonus” of 7,500 euros for those with an ISEE of less than 30,000 euros. The maximum amount for those who buy an electric car (spending ceiling of 35 thousand euros plus VAT) but scrap a pollutant (up to and including Euro 4 and with at least 12 months of ownership) is 5,000 euros.

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Incentives for electricity that change every year

In short, compared to November and December for those with an ISEE of less than 30 thousand euros the contribution drops to 5,000 euros. As they confirmed to Vaielettrico from the ministry: “The Prime Ministerial Decree of August 4, 2022 provided for the ISEE measurement only for 2022within the automotive table the point will soon be made with the stakeholders on the incentive system in view of possible changes“. Not all doors are closed to the bonus linked to the ISEE declaration.

Beyond the cars are financed i commercial vehicles (N1 and N2) e motorcycles and mopeds (category between L1e and L7e). Another novelty is the reduction of the days that must pass from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the vehicle in order not to lose the contribution booked: from 270 in 2022 it goes back to 180 days. It is another small grain of sand in the incentive mechanism, given the lengthening of waiting times.

The resources available

190 million for electric carscontribution of 5,000 (with scrapping) and 3,000 euros;
235 million for hybrid cars, a contribution of 4,000 (with scrapping) and 2,000 euros; 150 million for low-emission cars, a contribution of 2,000 euros with the obligation to scrap them

15 million for electric commercial vehiclesi (N1 and N2)

40 million for motorcycles and mopeds (category between L1e and L7e) divided as follows: 35 million for electric vehicles, contribution of 3,000 (up to 30% of the sale price) and 4,000 euros (40% of the price) with scrapping. 5 million for non-electric vehicles

5% of the amounts intended for electric and hybrid cars are reserved for purchases of legal entities for the commercial car sharing or rental.

There are 20 million less, diverted to the bonus wall box

increase in potency
The Prism Solar Wallbox

A long-awaited and always delayed bonus is the one for columns to be installed in homes and condominiums, such as those for retrofitting and boatingand the hoax of its activation has often been read (read here). Who they were intended for 20 million of the resources (650 million in total) allocated by the Draghi government. We don’t know how it works yet.

For the lucky ones who live in Genoa and La Spezia there are the recently approved generous local grants available and the deliberate but non-operating ones of Rome and other cities, regions and provinces.

The legislation in detail

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Car and motorcycle bonus: starting on January 10 but reduced to 5 thousand euros

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