Car tax 2023, paying has become easier: we explain how

Car tax 2023, paying has become easier: we explain how. The tax does not disappear but at least the Italians have more opportunities

The year for motorists started exactly as it ended, even worse. Gasoline has increased, motorway tolls have increased and in January there are those who will have to start paying the Car tax 2023because even from that deadline there is no escaping.

Car tax 2023, paying has become easier (

The only small concession, the Regions more and more over time they are trying to make life easier for Italians and therefore the methods for paying the tax will change for the better. There will be the possibility of paying the money without having to go in person to an authorized branch (at the post office or in the betting shops), but also comfortably from your mobile phone or PC.

For vehicles already in circulation, the 2023 Auto Tax must be paid by the end of the month following the expiry month. So if it expired in December 2022 it will have to be done by January 31st 2023 and so on.

Among the possibilities of honoring the debt, we therefore point out that ofIO app, but only in the Regions that have entered into an agreement with the ACI. Alternatively, the counters of the territorial ACI Delegations and the points of sale remain standing Mooney or Lottomatica, the Sermetra Agencies and the other Authorized Car Practice Agencies present in the area. Or again Italian postwith online payment at the counter and through the other channels made available, banks and other operators adhering to the PSP initiative.

Car tax 2023, paying just got easier: this is how it works with the IO app

So how does online payment work with Bollonet ACI and with the IO app? The first step is to download the application and log in using the Cie (i.e. the electronic identity card) or Spid (public digital identity system) credentials.

At that point the motorist will also receive an information reminder on the expiry of the car tax. This notification is generally sent electronically to the person concerned 15 days before the effective deadline.

Car tax
Car tax at the ACI (Facebook)

The taxpayer can then make the payment via Bancomat, Satispay or Paypal. And in the event that, at the time of payment, you do not yet have a card connected to the IO app, it will be possible to carry out this operation even shortly before payment. Simply click on the item “Services” and then on “National”. From here, move to the “Payments” item, selecting the method by which you want to pay (Bancomat, Satispay or Paypal) and finally proceed to authorize the payment.

Car tax 2023, paying has become easier: how to calculate the tax region by region

If we have kept the same means as last year, the figure will be the same. But if we have a new one, how is the car tax calculated? Varies from region to region based on the kilowatt hours of the vehicle, which can be easily found in the vehicle registration document. For Euro 4, 5 and 6 class vehicles in Veneto, Lazio, Liguria and Calabria it is €2.84 up to 100 kW and €4.26 over 100 kW, in Campania and Abruzzo €3.12 up to 100 kW and €4.69 over 100 kW.

In Lombardy, Sicily, Umbria, Sardinia, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Basilicata, Valle d’Aosta and Friuli Venezia Giulia you pay €2.58 per kilowatt hour up to 100 kW and €3.87 over 100 kW.

Instead in Piedmont €2.58 up to 53 kW, €2.73 between 53 and 100 kW, €4.26 over 100 kW, in Tuscany €2.71 up to 100 kW and €4.26 over 100 kW. in Molise €2.76 up to 100 kW and €4.14 above 100 kW.

Car stamp 2023 danger
Car tax 2023, the differences region by region (

And again, in the Marche €2.79 up to 100 kW and €4.18 over 100 kW, in the Province of Trento €2.06 up to 100 kW and €3.10 over 100 kW and in the Province of Bolzano 2, €09 up to 100 kW and €3.13 over 100 kW.

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Car tax 2023, paying has become easier: we explain how

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