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Very few know a news about the car tax, if you have this thing you don’t have to pay it anymore: this is what it is

The automobile tax formerly also referred to as a regional tax but commonly known as car taxis a local tax provided by the Italian financial administration, which is imposed on motor vehicles and motor vehicles registered in the Italian Republic to which they pay a tax in favor of the Region of residence.

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Possession assumes some obvious things such as registration in the Public Automobile Register, which states that the obligated entity may be different from the owner, as stated in the PRA. The main source of the tax in question is decided “Consolidated text of motor vehicle tax laws which refers to the DPR February 5, 1953 n. 39.

Article 7 of law no. 99 of 23 July 2009 modified paragraph 29 of article 5 of Legislative Decree no. 953 of 1982, in the sense of providing for the passive subjectivity of anyone who is the owner, purchaser, usufructuary and so on with a retention pact provided for by the Public Automobile Register.

The stamp duty is also qualified throughout Italy as a vehicle property tax and not a circulation tax. For this reason, all owners of the vehicles in question are required to pay the road tax, regardless of actual use. The road tax no longer has to be paid in the event of theft, demolition or transfer of the vehicle abroad.

The economic value of the stamp depends on some factors such as:

  • power of the medium and taxation that is reduced with the age of the vehicle until it is canceled out by the 20 years of its life
  • coefficient defined by the Region of residence of the owner of the vehicle
  • pollution class
  • middle age

But a big news concerns the car tax and the issue of exemption.

The permanent exemption of the car tax: what are the news

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Tax legislation envisaged and registered by the Revenue Agency website, provides for a specific importance as far as rit concerns people with disabilities and their familiesreserving them some tax breaks.

With regard to the deduction argument, for each child with a disability fiscally dependent, the following personal income tax deductions are due, namely:

  • 1,620 eurosif the child is under the age of three
  • 1,350 eurosfor the child aged three years or older

It’s possible, moreover, to be exempt from paying the car tax both when the car is registered to people with disabilities and when the owner is a family member of whom he is physically dependent.

If the person with disabilities owns several vehicles, the exemption is due to only one of them; at the time of the documentation it will indicate the raga of one of the chosen vehicles. To take advantage of the exemption, the person must submit only for the first year to the competent office (but you could also send it by registered mail) the required documentation.

Once the documents have been submitted within 90 days of the deadlineand within which payment should be made, the exemption is also valid for subsequent years, without the subject repeating the question further.

The offices that receive the application must necessarily transmit the data contained therein to the information system of the Tax Registry.

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Car tax, if you have this thing you don’t have to pay for it anymore: very few know it – the Democrat – Giornale di Libera Information

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