Car tax: unimaginable what can happen if you don’t pay

What happens if you have unpaid car tax arrears? Insolvency could have disastrous consequences for your home.

The car tax and the regional car tax which must be paid every year by anyone who owns a car with insurance.

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Car owners who have gods arrears in the payment of the stamp duty not yet welded, they risk really big. In addition to administrative detention of the carin fact, you can also be recipients of foreclosure. And, even, you can lose your home. If it persists in the state of insolvency for a long time, the tax authorities may decide to take executive action to obtain the satisfaction of the credit.

And the foreclosure can concern a multiplicity of assets of the debtor, from the salary to the pension, even to the house!

Let’s see, in detail, all the risks that can be faced if the car tax is not paid.

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Failure to pay the car tax: all the consequences

Drivers who do not pay the car tax receive, first of all, a late warning by the Region of belonging. Through this provision, the Administration warns the citizen and requests payment within a certain period of time (obviously, in addition to the tax, the penalty and related interest must also be paid).

If, even after the notice, the car tax continues to not be paid, then the Revenue Agency intervenes. The body responsible for the collection, therefore, sends the payment folderordering to pay the amount due (plus default and interest) by term of 60 days.

If the interested party continues to be insolvent despite the receipt of the file, then the Revenue Agency can continue with the enforcement measures. Therefore, the administrative detention on the car and the recovery of the credit through foreclosure are arranged.

The latter can involve most of the assets owned by the debtor; usually, it interests him salary or pension or movable property.

Only if the amount to be recovered should be very high (usually, above 30 thousand euros), we proceed with the foreclosure of real estate, including the house. For example, when the salary or movable assets are insufficient to pay off the debt.

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Is the automobile tax prescribed?

It is useful to remember that the prescription of the car tax has a term of 3 years. Therefore, if it expires in 2022, it is prescribed by 31 December 2025.

There are cases, however, in which the limitation period ends. This happens, for example, if during the three-year period the Region sends the motorist a non-payment notice and, at the same time, invites him to pay the amount due within a certain period of time.

A further example can help you understand the rule. If the car tax refers to the year 2019, the ordinary limitation period of 3 years will be interrupted if the Region notifies a payment notice. In this case, therefore, the new limitation period starts again from 2021 and ends on December 31, 2024.

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Car tax: unimaginable what can happen if you don’t pay

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