Coins, the 200 lire denomination that marked an era: today it is worth a salary

There are stories that seem to be written especially for collectors. Apparently very common coins. Instead then.

The history of some specimens of money may certainly appear more bizarre than ever. Not all coins are clearly destined to become collector’s items, quite the opposite. Most of them is lost realistically speaking among the ranks of specimens minted repeatedly by individual countries. Nothing that somehow associates them with truly sensational pieces. Then there are the ones that apparently they don’t seem to attract attention to them when they do.

The family of the old lira for example, it is one of those to have produced perhaps by far the greatest number of valuable pieces. We know very well how much the old Italian currency somehow represents the history of our country itself, we are talking about a currency that has accompanied the country over three different centuries, between dark and dramatic moments and others instead of unforgettable hope and recovery. In short, the lira is our history.

The examples that can be done in some waythere are actually very many to really understand the scope of this coin on the collectors’ market. Specimens such as the old 500 silver lire with the caravels and the sails in reverse, specimens that have made history and which today are worth thousands of euros if found in perfect storage conditions. But the examples can be so many. Collectors of every part of the world perhaps they follow with excessive attention the developments regarding the specimens of the old lira.

Coins, the 200 lire denomination that marked an era: the specimen that drives collectors crazy

200 lire
200 lire

As mentioned at the beginning of the piece we are not always fully aware of what could somehow become valuable pieces, in short, collectors’ pieces. The idea, for example, that an extremely popular specimen could be worth tomorrow thousands of euros perhaps it doesn’t even touch us, because it would mean that maybe we had that specimen in our hands and exchanged it like any other coin. The reality, on the other hand, is different and tells us something else. There are coin specimens, which are extremely popular instead they can be worth a lot, but a lot of money.

An example above allthe old 100 lire, the one that for decades remained in circulation in our country, in practice until the arrival of the euro. In some cases, that very currency can even be worth 1000 euros, it may seem absurd right? Instead it is just like that. The material that often unites the coins in question, those that are then rediscovered as real pearls, is Bronzital. A very special alloy of Bronze, Aluminum and Copper. The first coins with this special material date back to 1977.

Just of that year it is a version of 200 lire, coined with the word Prova, precisely because of its particular mission. The value of that specimen, today, is around 850 euros, clearly considering any excellent storage conditions. We are talking about a coin minted in only 1600 copies, an absolutely derisory figure. Another historical piece is that of the 200 lire with the 1979 minting error. The subject’s head embossed into the metal appears precisely shaved. Estimated value, around 140 euros in excellent condition.

Among the 200 lire coins however, we have the most coveted one in celebration of the Carabinieri. Unique from many points of view. At auction, today such a coin can come to be even for 1300 euros, practically the average salary of any employee. In short, coins that have made the history of our country and that still today continue to make endless ranks of collectors dream. Time will always offer new ideas, always new opportunitiesnew subjects to explore, study and perhaps buy for your own collection.

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Coins, the 200 lire denomination that marked an era: today it is worth a salary

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