Coins, the pearls of the old lira: the 10 denomination is unparalleled, what it’s worth

Numismatics over the last few years has literally marked all new times, a passion that once again dictates the law.

A context that certainly never has went through a real crisis phase but which in recent years has been able to find new lymph from the presence of tools and new technologies that literally have it changed forms and methods of approach. The world of collecting more than ever in this phase lives a sort of second life. A golden moment also dictated by a series of very interesting news.


In some cases, to tell the truth, not very many, there are specimens capable of resisting over time, always maintaining and in any case evaluations of a certain thickness, so to speak. Coins that are somehow part of real collections apart capable of withstanding the impact of any temporal dynamics or not. Among these, we can undoubtedly include some examples of the old lira. Pieces that have made the history of our country and that still, somehow continue to do it.

The advent of the web, as previously anticipated, has provided the collecting context with some probably unimaginable aspects to be realized a few decades ago. Platforms dedicated to this fascinating world, illustrations, descriptions from which fans they can draw on at any time absolutely free. In short, the possibility of training, in the true sense of the word, and not only considered the same tools available.

The ability to buy and sell specimens through the same platforms in question. Participate in auctions organized by the same contexts which in fact give rise to the same virtual contexts. A real revolution which in fact did not leave collectors, old and new, indifferent. More and more enthusiasts, in fact, look out to this intriguing world. Collections that grow and enrich themselves more and more of precious relics.

Coins, the pearls of the old lira: this is how much the 10 lire specimen can be worth

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One of the finest pieces of the old lira is certainly the 10 specimen that came into circulation in the years following the end of the Second World War. In circulation between 1951 and 1999 this particular coin has literally made Italians fall in love with it. Specimens that clearly lead back to very specific times often remembered with enormous affection by the citizens themselves. Consequently, the bond is still more than solid.

The old 10 lire, in its version called ear for the particular image shown on one of the two sides. On the other there is a plow. A coin that somehow represented hope for entire generations and which has been produced in very high runs over the years. Such a specimen, however, in perfect condition storage conditions it can be worth a lot. A specific specimen issued in 1954, for example, can be worth as much as 150 euros, in particular storage conditions

Also, they are worth considering, for purely collecting purposes, the series issued between 1951 and 1952 which can easily reach an evaluation of 50 euros. In any case, let’s talk about coins stored in the best possible conditions. This means that one coin for be worth a certain amounta considerable amount must also respect this particular characteristic.

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Collectors from all over of the world, they line up, if you can say so, to try to have their moment of glory, in short, to get their hands on one of the most famous examples of the old lira, one of the currencies, now no longer in circulation most sought after in the world. Even today, the old lire dictates the law, even today it is simpler than one can imagine to find it in the most prestigious collections. A coin that represents the history of our countryunique pieces that still speak of history, hope and desire for redemption.

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Coins, the pearls of the old lira: the 10 denomination is unparalleled, what it’s worth

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