Cut to consumption, the race to change rates: how to find the best offers

Faced with this energy crisis violent, with enormous impacts on families and businesses, being able to find the best offers on electricity and gas contracts has become a must for thousands of Italians. Well, comparing you can save, but how do you do it? Unfortunately, it is not enough to use a comparator: to find the cheapest rate you have to look at that the unit cost of energy is low, the prices transparent, that any additional bonuses are applied and that it can be easily managed online, both from PC and mobile, perhaps with a quick and easy app.

This is why and have published a streamlined guide to choosing the right electricity and gas rate, in view of the autumn.

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Which items to look in your bill to really save

The first aspect to consider when evaluating a new electricity and gas offer is our needs, that is, the energy needs of our family and at what times we consume the most. How you do it?

We need to look at the last bill sent by our current supplier. The invoice shows the tariff characteristics we are using. Furthermore, by examining the bills received over the 12 months we can get a precise idea of ​​ours annual consumption.

As for electricity, then pay attention totimes and days when we use the most energy, because, for example, we turn on household appliances more frequently (consumption range F1, F2 or F3). Considering this last aspect is necessary to take into consideration multi-hourly rates, i.e. two-hourly or three-hourly.

Another thing to do absolutely is to look in the detail of the final amount in the section “Expenditure on energy / natural gas”. Under the heading “Energy quota” we can check the unit cost of energy expressed in euro / kWh for electricity and euro / Smc for gas. Instead, in the “Fixed fee” section we can find the monthly fixed cost incurred to keep the supply active.

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Use online comparators

Once we have examined our current situation, and discovered the strengths and weaknesses of the tariff we already have in place, we can look for a cheaper promotion. How do we do it? Surely the simplest tool is rely on online comparatorswhich are quick and easy.

For example, for electricity and gas offers is very simple and intuitive: just enter the data of our annual gas consumption, and for light also the breakdown of consumption in the various time bands of the day. The comparator gives us a synoptic screen with all the proposals of the market, based on the preferences we have explained.

At this point we carefully evaluate the unit cost of the energy of the various proposals and any fixed contribution requested by suppliers. Once we have identified the rate that seems most suitable to us, we also check whether it is a fixed and locked or indexed rate.

Finally, before proceeding with the activation, we check if the chosen offer includes additional services and bonuses and how they can be useful to us.

What information to pay attention to when activating a new rate

As SOStariffe and Segugio explain well in their guide, there are three parameters to take into consideration when we are evaluating a new electricity and gas offer.

First, the unit cost of energy. This item determines the most significant portion of our bill. The cost of energy is expressed in euro / kWh for electricity and euro / scm for gas. It must be multiplied by the total energy consumed to estimate the amount of our bill, to which, however, all the other cost items will be added. Be careful because the cost of energy can be fixed and blocked for at least 12 months. Or it can be indexed to either the wholesale market or the protected market.

In addition to the unit cost of energy, there are also i additional costs: system charges, energy transport costs, taxes.

In addition, the electricity and gas tariffs may apply extra costs: for example a fixed annual fee regardless of actual consumption, e for indexed rates a variable fee – generally expressed in euro / kWh and euro / Smc – to be added to the cost of energy on the wholesale market.

Finally, if we move to a free market promotion, we will often be able to rely on a number of additional bonuses: for example discount coupons, exclusive promotions, gadgets as gifts. Vendors entice new customers with several additional benefits that can often make a difference and convince us to opt for one solution over another if truly advantageous.

How to recognize a good offer

A valid offer, emphasize SOStariffe and Segugio, can be recognized by some clear characteristics.

The unit cost of energy must be reduced: the lower it is, the lighter the bills with the same consumption will be. The data must be clearly indicated by the supplier. It should also be considered how this parameter changes over time. In fact, the fixed price offers guarantee the same cost of energy for an entire period of time, of at least 12 months. While the offers at indexed prices update the price on a monthly basis, who will follow the trend of the reference index.

Another aspect is the maximum transparency. The supplier must clarify the fixed costs, such as the monthly fee, but also clarify the variable ones, for example the extra cost required compared to the wholesale market price.

Then watch out for cheaper additional bonuses, as we said before. According to the SOStariffe and Segugio guide, a convenient and well-formulated offer should include at least a welcome bonus, in the form of a discount on the bill, or a gift for new customers.

Finally, a digital service to manage and monitor tariffs independently. The possibility for the customer to check consumption by himself, communicate self-reading, check the amount of bills at any time is part of the transparency factor. All this is generally possible thanks to a dedicated user area on the supplier’s website and an app to carry out the same activities from mobile devices.

Last trick: let’s compare the app reviews of the provider we want to choose. Reading what those who have already tried the service write, any compliments or complaints, can be a valid indicator of the quality of the service rendered.

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Cut to consumption, the race to change rates: how to find the best offers

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