Dear bills in Vicenza: the Support Bonus is here

The initiative, which according to AGSM AIM estimates will involve around 11,000 users in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza alone (7,000 in Verona and 4 thousand in Vicenza), was specifically designed to offer tangible support to those customers who are not entitled to the social bonus but who find themselves having to face the sudden rise in the cost of living of which electricity and gas represent two particularly significant items.

Aware of the difficulty that, in particular, the weakest sections of citizens are going through, AGSM AIM has decided to allocate 2.1 million euros to create an offer that counters the increase in the price of electricity and gas . The proposal, agreed with the shareholder mayors who have made available the data relating to the number of possible interested parties, allows, among other things, to minimize the impact on post-tax profits.

How to apply for the Support Bonus

AGSM AIM, to support families in difficulty due to the current situation, presented the Support Bonus, an offer on the free market aimed at domestic users in the name of Customers with ISEE included between €15,000 and €18,000, with fewer than 4 dependent children and who do not receive a basic income or pension.

As regards the terms and methods of joining, it is possible to go to the counters distributed throughout the country, contact the call center via the telephone number indicated on the bill, or go to the website The deadline for communicating support bonus support is set at March 31, 2023.

As for the‘electric energythe offer includes the application of one discount of 3.5 cents euros on the wholesale energy price corresponding to the PUN – Single National Price – which is the reference price of the Power Exchange and indicatively represents the cost price for sales companies. All the other tariff components are those established by the Energy Authority (ARERA).

By way of example, for a typical family with an average consumption of 2,700 kWh/year, the Support Bonus will make it possible to accrue savings calculated on annual basis of about 100€.

As for the gas supply, a discount of will be applied 3.5 cents euros per cubic meter consumed on the PSV DA, the price currently adopted by ARERA for gas contracts in enhanced protection.

Given the current forecasts of the reference indexes for the cost of gas, savings on annual basis can go up to €250, if the Customer has a contract with the price formula indexed to Pfor.

The Support Bonus will be valid until September 30, 2023.

For AGSM customers AIM Energia will start from February 1stwhile for new customers from the date of activation of the supply.

With a view to providing citizens with an increasingly efficient service in a moment of great difficulty and complexity for them, AGSM AIM has strengthened all the contact points with its customers, reorganizing the processes between the front office and back office, strengthening the “InFace” video assistance service and by implementing the online “Do it yourself” area to view the status of payments and the progress of a request made.

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Dear bills in Vicenza: the Support Bonus is here

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