Dear bills, the bartender from Tombolo: “Too many costs, without help I close everything and go back to being an employee”

TOMBOLO – “I have already prepared the curriculum to be delivered, I will have no problems returning to being an employee or adapting to another work. This was the fruit of many of my sacrifices and they are taking it away from me for no reason, without any right ». This is the cry of alarm launched by Elena Pierobona 44-year-old from Cittadella, a 13-year-old daughter, for 16 years owner of the Red Steel bar in the industrial area of ​​Tombolo.

Dear bills

There is a sort of countdown on the activity. Time passes inexorably. It is the one within which the payment of the invoices of theelectric utility. By September 26, he must pay 3,262 euros for consumption in July and August. He is still paying, in three installments, the maximum obtainable, the 2,500 euros for May and June. «Am I changing the price list and asking for 5 euros for a coffee? I no longer make debts and above all to pay the utilities. Enough, so it is no longer possible to move forward and if no support or support measures arrive, when they turn off the power, I will lower the shutter and shut down. I close ». The situation that Elena Pierobon had the courage to make public, at the entrance of her local she has posted the bills of all the users so that there are no doubts about what she explains, it is identical for many other colleagues and for many others sectors. She put her face on it. “How is it possible – she says – she that those in government do not realize what is happening?” Do they want everyone to shut down? This is a job that I enjoy. I was already a waitress when I was studying. I worked as an employee, I saved up money, I took out mortgages to open my own place that now, because someone has decided that there are these crazy increases, I am forced to close because the expenses greatly exceed the revenues. I thought I had seen everything with Covid when after closing I adapted the work for take-away and so on, but this – underlines the entrepreneur – is an even bigger disaster, worse than the Coronavirus “. She does not hide that the situation of uncertainty created with the pandemic and now even more serious with the disproportionate increases, she has generated some problems health: insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety states. “I have a family, I want to work, I’m certainly not old – she underlines – but with these conditions for me and many like me no longer allow me to work independently”. Elena – at the bar from Monday to Saturday – shows the amounts due also for other expenses, INPS and other taxes.

Consumption contraction

“There is also one contraction in consumption, I’m seeing it all right, if you have less money available because the expenses increase, certainly reduce the non-essential costs first as can be the classic coffee at the bar. It’s natural”. For this situation which is in fact general, Elena asks for immediate interventions because the problem is current. She does not want to leave what she has achieved with so much effort, but the wave of costs can no longer be ridden unless they are compensated by interventions at the source so as to return the expenses to the amounts that were paid previously. “You hear everyone talking about the problem but in practice nothing is done” and time passes.

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Dear bills, the bartender from Tombolo: “Too many costs, without help I close everything and go back to being an employee”

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