Diesel and petrol, because diesel costs more than green

For some time now the price of diesel has surpassed that of gas. Even if they are decreasing on both fuels in the latest surveys, the averages of the prices charged yesterday by the operators to thePrice observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development they say self-service petrol costs 1,726 euros / literwhile the diesel has come to 1,830 euros / liter. And again: the petrol served is at an altitude of 1,869 euros / liter. While the diesel is in 1,971 euros / liter . Why has the price of diesel exceeded that of green? Claudio Spinacipresident ofEnergy Union for Mobilityexplains it today in an interview with Messenger.

Heating, energy production, the cost of oil

In the first place, the phenomenon is not new: usually in this part of the year the demand for gasoline for private mobility it tends to decline. While that of diesel increases because it is also used for heating and the electricity generation. «Nobody has noticed so far because the price differential between the two products could reach 3-4 euro cents per liter in favor of diesel, and was more than compensated by 11 cents less in excise duty that affect this product, ”he says Spinach. While today the differential between the two products has come to exceed 20 euro cents per liter: “This situation was created due to the lower availability of diesel fuel due largely to the lack of Russian imports, on which Europe depends for about 30% of its needs. And we are talking about 25 million tons per year“.

In addition, a purchase race has started to face the winter period. And this, he explains Spinach, because rumors about power outages or gas rationing led to the forecast of industrial use. This is why international tensions end up concentrating on price of diesel. But second the president of UNEM there is no need to worry about supplies: «We can still count on a refining industry. And we will be able to satisfy domestic demand and minimize the impact on prices. Which, in fact, at an industrial level (ie net of taxes) on an annual average are lower than 4 euro cents per liter compared to the euro area “.

Sanctions on Russian oil

Spinach, however, remember that starting from December 5th the sanctions on Russian oil. And the refinery Isab from Priolo risks closing. In this case, according to Spinaci, we could arrive at a production problem: “Isab represents the 20% of the Italian production capacity. And it is a major producer of diesel. At that point an availability problem could arise. The Priolo refinery is an Italian company controlled by the Swiss company Litasco Sain turn controlled by the Russian Lukoil. «I believe that the most urgent thing to do is to ensure the operational continuity of the company. Officially clarifying that it is not a company subject to sanctions and providing it with the necessary financial guarantees to be able to return to operate on the international crude oil market. And continue the business, without the need to use Russian crude oil. But at the moment none of this has translated into concrete acts ».

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Diesel and petrol, because diesel costs more than green

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