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Do I have to recharge the Tesla to 100% every now and then? Roberto owns a Model Y and asks if it is true that the battery needs periodic total recharges. Electric Vai he answers. We remind you that questions should be sent to

Do I have to recharge the Tesla to 100%?Do I have to recharge the Tesla to 100% to preserve the battery? How often?

“StI own one Tesla Model Y 75kWh which I regularly refill once or twice a day in the garage, keeping the bacteriato between 60 and 75%. And using a charge power, most of the time, of about 5kWalthough I could reach 11 kW. I read that every now and then it would be good to load up to 100%, it is true? And, if yes, how often? Furthermore, is it correct to always keep the same charge power or is it better to vary? Thanks for the advices. Roberto Sarta

do I have to recharge the Tesla to 100%?It is foreseen for versions with LFP battery

Reply. We asked for help from our community and in particular from Guido Baccarini, very expert on things Tesla. Here is his answer. “The reader has probably read the indications of the LFP extension (there 60kWh RWD). For which actually a 100% top-up is periodically planned to help the BMS understand the state of charge. The LFPs, in fact, vary the voltage slightly between fully charged and completely discharged, unlike the NMC extension. So if you never get to 100% (which is an absolute and certain reference), the BMS could misjudge the real charge. Having LFP, I do it on average once a month in winter and more often in summer (photovoltaic…). It is actually known that not doing it once a week results in a slight error (2-3%) on the state of charge (which is underestimated). I realized this with a simple calculation between the initial charge percentage (example: 50%) and the kWh charged to bring it to 100%. And the time needed to do it, with the comfort of the ammeter that I have on the plug: they were lower than the theoretical, a sign that 50% was indicated when it was actually 52%”.

do I have to recharge the Tesla to 100%?Do I have to recharge the Tesla Y to 100%? The difference with NMC is…

The LFPs they suffer less of the full charge (but it is not totally free from degradation, it is only significantly lower)”, continues Guido. “The NMC (or NCA) mainly, reason for which the indication is to make sure to finish the charge just before leaving for the trip. It is in fact the stay at 100% of charge which damages the battery, not so much the fact of loading it to 100%. All always commensurate with the frequency: charging it once a month to 100% and leaving immediately afterwards does not mean anything in the life of a battery. And the do it systematically and leave it still which damages it. As for loading it at different powers, it is another indication that is given above all for the LFPs: it helps the BMS to calibrate correctly. For other types of batteries it is irrelevant and can only serve to slightly reduce dispersion. Probably between 5 and 11kW you gain a percentage point of best efficiency. But it is not said: maybe the overheating of the cables arriving at the wallbox erodes efficiency gains. Thanks Guido!

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Do I have to recharge the Tesla to 100% every now and then? – Vaielectric

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