Do you dream of working in LIDL? These offers are right for you: discover them all

Working at Lidl can be an important opportunity to continue our career path. There are various branches present in our area and therefore, there are many offers. Let’s see which ones are more interesting.

The search for a new job is making a lot of people in this 2023. Searches travel at any time and touch any area. For this reason, interest is very high and leads to wanting to look at any sector. Even more so if we are talking about one of the brands known not only in Italy but also all over the world.

Lidl is now a serious and decisive reality in our area. This European supermarket chain has German origins. It’s part of Schwarz Group and currently boasts 13,000 supermarkets around the world. A story that starts in 1932 with the company founded by Josef Schwarz. But it was 1977 that Dieter Schwarz, son of Josef, set his sights on the discount sector. In the same year he already presents 33 stores. Number that will grow more and more.

As we can see, the affection and esteem for this important group has grown dramatically. Which has led not only consumers to rely on them in terms of spending but also workers to seek a place within the large commercial machine. In this case, among the various proposals of the company, there are 3 positions that have aroused the most interest. Here’s what they are.

Working at Lidl, the open positions: here are all the details

Working at LIDL can be a big goal for many. Certainly, at the moment, the labor market is not very easy to deal with. But, sometimes, there may be some opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. In this case we will see 3 of them.

  • Assistant Store Manager (f/m), offer linked to the sales point in Via Crostolo Lungo, 4, Reggio Emilia. The activity requires a full time operation and a dynamic operational profile. The role is that of Specialized Clerk who collaborates with the Branch Manager. The candidate must have communication skills and proactivity. Consequently, he must know the various tasks, personnel management, price and assortment checks, customer assistance and replacement of the Branch Manager. Required: diploma or degree, experience in this area, flexibility, aptitude for the game of looks and orientation, strong, customer-oriented.
  • Assistant Store Manager Part-time (f/m). This position concerns the Trento area, via del Brennero 99-101 branch. The contract is part-time and a dynamic operational profile is required. Before hiring, you will have to undergo an initial training period before taking on this role. The tasks are practically the same as described above. As well as the requirements that allow the request to be satisfied. Remuneration falls within the Third Level (CCNL Modern Organizational Distribution).
  • Area Manager (f/m). The reference office for this offer is Molfetta, Via Dell’Arte Bianca 5/A. Full-time activities are evaluated and the profile must be professional. The area manager must guarantee high quality standards, always keeping an eye on the satisfaction of customers and collaborators. He must often be present in the store and make it clear what the goal is to be achieved. The tasks concern maximizing turnover, analysis and monitoring of KPIs, management of 80-100 resources and economic management of about 5 stores. The requirements ask for an economic-management degree, experience in this area, interest in the retail sector and in large-scale distribution. Analytical, managerial and leadership skills. Proactivity, aptitude for problem solving and flexibility on the territory. Permanent contract with Manager level upon recruitment.

To find out about other candidates, just go to the portal From there are all the job opportunities. Just click on one of these and at the bottom there will be two buttons: more information And candidates. After pressing the candidates button we will have to insert our data and our curriculum.

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Do you dream of working in LIDL? These offers are right for you: discover them all

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