Drunk driving makes a crazy bang with the Tesla: literally crashed

A Tesla owner was drunk while driving when he crashed, blaming the automatic driving of his car.

Drunk driving crashes and blames the autopilot

We are in the streets now get used to it to see everything, perhaps only this was missing. The owner of a Tesla entered the automatic driving modeto be taken home, when it was drunk. The car unfortunately had aaccidentthe Polo Alto house but he is not there, declaring that he is impossible that a driving was artificial intelligence of the car. A story to limits of the insanethat take risks from close in courtsince no one wants confirm the version of the other.

Let’s find out what happened

A man He was in state of intoxication and decided to insert autonomous driving in its Tesla, to get out of the scenic park where he was. The problem is that the car took the gate fullas if had not seen the obstacle that was in front of him. Man you are defended stating that he wasn’t drivingthe vehicle does it was moving by itself. Noting, that he had inserted the functionAnd he did not expect the accident. Downloading therefore the whole fault on the vehicle of the Californian house.

Use the Police
The police intervened after the accident do not believe the driver’s version – Motori.news

One thing, that it seems do not report not even to the agentsis where it was seated the owner of the medium. He has affirmed which was on the passenger sideand that therefore on the pilot side there was no one, as the vehicle moved by itself. A statement that is not convincingand always mostly dictated by consequences. The man itself was on driver’s sidehe would go to meet one administrative sanction from minimum $ 300. Here however it is Tesla intervenedputting the his reasons on table of accusations.

The reasons put forward by Tesla

There US car manufacturer did not keep hers waiting reasonsthat they seem to want to nail the man. The automatic pilot declares theagency, does not activate If there is not no one in the driver’s seatsince there are gods there sensors. Also, the car must reach a certain speedfor activate the automatic pilot. A taking a clear position And decidedwhich seeks to overturn the accusation which was moved to the Elon Musk factoryonly the judgment will tell us who is right and who is not.

Autopilot car
The problems caused by autopilot car drivers are many – Motori.news

The car is now under the check of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationor thecontrol body on assisted driving in United States of America. The check usually is used when there are fatal accidentsbut since the autonomous driving is creating several problemsL’organization decided to investigate. Especially for how the owners behave of these means, that they don’t realize that they still have to check the car and the roadand not doing it, create very serious damage to other motorists.

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Drunk driving makes a crazy bang with the Tesla: literally crashed

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