Equity more than halved: what happened to Mark Zuckerberg

Equity more than halved in one year: a Mark Zuckerberg don’t like this element. Findings in hand, the founder of Facebook has received a big blow. The term will not be technically exhaustive, but it gives the idea enough. According to a report published on the Bloomberg website, in 2022 the US businessman lost 70 billion dollars coming in at present net assets of 55.3 billion. Compared to last year, the CEO of Meta has seen almost 55% of his wealth fade, undergoing a considerable storm if you consider that the previous figure attested his assets to 125 billion dollars.

But what happened to Zuckerberg’s cash register? The causes of the significant loss they are many. The main one, according to some analysts, would be the “rebranding” with which the entrepreneur has transformed Facebook into Half. The investments allocated for that passage, estimated around 10 million dollars, however, would not have obtained the desired effects and, indeed, many users would have abandoned the social platform. Already last February, one month after the name change, the Zuckerberg-based company had experienced a decline in membership with a consequent backlash on the stock market. According to Fortune, in the first three months of the year Meta had lost 2.96 billion dollars: in that case the multinational had ensured that theundesirable effect had been calculated.

Apparently, however, the unforeseen events must not have stopped. According to other observers, then, Facebook (or rather Meta) would have lost users also due to TikTok, the Chinese platform used by the very young has quickly become a real planetary phenomenon. These fibrillations immediately alerted investors, who began to wonder if the expansion phase of Zuckerberg’s digital creature was now over. At the same time, the same business partners would have asked the entrepreneur to find quick solutions to counter the unstoppable rise of the Chinese app.

Richest men in the world, the ranking

Thus, in the world of scroungers, the founder of Facebook found himself paying the most expensive price. However, other super rich have also suffered financial losses: Jeff Bezosthe king of Amazon, lost $ 46 billion (and his assets are now 145 billion), while Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, saw his assets drop by 27 billion (his current assets are 111 billion). Thus, in the classification of the richest men in the world, Bezos found himself in third place, preceded by the Indian businessman Gautam Adani (in whose portfolio there are 150 billion dollars) and followed by the Frenchman Bernard Arnault. And Zuckerberg? After the recent economic blow, only twentieth.

Elon Musk: here is his heritage

On the top step of the podium he remains, all gloating, Elon Musk. The South African tycoon not only excels in detachment (with 268 billion of dollars of net worth), but it also boasts negligible losses: not even three billion dollars in a year.

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Equity more than halved: what happened to Mark Zuckerberg

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