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Since the beginning of January, the prices of petrol and diesel have soared again. Some cars, however, allow you to consume much less fuel than the average. Let’s find out which are the most convenient models from this point of view.

Since January 1, the problem related to the fuel cost he returned to harass the Italians with increased pressure. In fact, the Meloni government has opted for the elimination of the discount – total or partial – on excise duties as regards the price per liter of the various fuels. A situation that has not been taken at all well by many Italians.

Low consumption car 12 January 2023 Mondo Fuoristrada.it
The cheapest cars (Mondo Fuoristrada.it)

In fact, the discount of 30 cents per liter on petrol and diesel has been very convenient for people in a period of strong price increases in every sector. A few days ago, however, a new decree has made it possible to eliminate some anxiety from people. From these hours, each distributor will have the obligation to affix all the prices charged and those referring to the national average list price at the entrance. This move will avoid the speculation which was seen in these first weeks of 2023.

Cars that consume less fuel

Even the petrol bonus from 200 euros reserved for employees of private companies is a move that will allow people to breathe. But besides these amendments, it is important to know that there are several cars on the market that are very convenient as regards the plan strictly linked to consumption. Which ones are they?

These cars are characterized by the excellent value for money and for a very positive aspect as regards the consumption of petrol or diesel, depending on the power supply system they are equipped with. There are several machines, in fact, which have a considerably lower fuel consumption than the average. They can be both utility and crossover. The former are more convenient to use in the city, while the latter are excellent both in urban and extra-urban spaces. But what are these models?

The most affordable models

The two small cars that consume the least among those currently on the market are, without a doubt, the Nissan Micra and the Launch Ypsilon. In addition to a list cost that is not too high, these two cars have the advantage of consuming very little per liter of fuel. The Nissan Micra, in fact, has a declared consumption of more than 22 kilometers per liter of petrol. The Lancia Ypsilon, on the other hand, is around 20.4 kilometres.

Suzuki Swift 12 January 2023 Mondo Fuoristrada.it
Suzuki Swift (Mondo Fuoristrada.it)

Among the crossovers, however, the Suzuki Swift. In fact, this machine can be purchased by paying out around 19,500 euros and is equipped with a hybrid engine. The declared consumption amounted to 21.3 kilometers per litre. These, obviously, are the data declared by the various brands. Much, then, will depend on the driving style, the roads traveled and many other external factors. These cars, however, are some of the most convenient on the market in terms of fuel consumption.

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Expensive petrol, no problem: here are the cars that consume the least – Mondofuoristrada.it

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