Ferrari F430 or Toyota MR2 Coupe? Finance seizes the fake supercar, a young man from Asti in trouble

A fake Ferrari F430 was seized from a young man from Asti. It was actually a modified Toyota MR2 Coupe. It’s not the first time this has happened

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The outward appearance was that of a glittering one Ferrari F430but under the bonnet the heart of one was beating Toyota MR Coupe. The fake Ferrari was stopped by the Guardia di Finanza ad Asti. Its owner, a 26 years oldgot into trouble on charges of counterfeiting.

The fake Ferrari, to the inexperienced eye, could appear very similar to a real F430: emblems, rims, brake calipers, front and rear bonnet, wheel arches and steering wheel were identical to those of the prancing horse supercar produced from 2004 to 2009 with Pininfarina design.

The car was stopped by a Guardia di Finanza patrol as part of a control of the territory to combat illicit trafficking along the city streets.

Toyota MR2Photo source: 123RF

The Toyota MR Coupè is the most used car by those trying to get a fake Ferrari.

Something about the car’s appearance and papers made the officers suspicious. There forgery was also confirmed by the experts occurred after the arrest.

Reported the owner

The Fiamme Gialle of the Provincial Command of Asti seized the car and reported the 26-year-old to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Asti for theuse, without authorization, of registered trademarks.

The transformation kits

To modify a car to make it look like a Ferrari, some buy conversion kits online. The total cost to replace mechanical parts and logos is around 20 thousand euroslabor excluded.

The quality of the products, and safety, however are very far from the originals.

The most transformed cars are the Toyota MR.

Fake Ferraris: the precedents

Ferraris are among the most fake supercars and occasionally the news of the detention of a fake Ferrari conquers the headlines.

The last May one has appeared on the Facebook Marketplace Ferrari LaFerrari for sale at South Africa. In reality it was a tuning made from one Audi R8 Spyder.

In the 2021 the Customs Agency and the Guardia di Finanza of Spice they spotted one fake racing Ferrari: the shell (in fibreglass) was that of a Ferrari single seater SF90. Although no logos were embossed on the frame and mechanical and electrical parts were missing, the design was unmistakable.

The object, coming from Brazil, was intended for a Tuscan car dealership.

In the 2016 the traffic police of Modena identified a man who, through the use of a conversion kit, intended to register a Toyota MR2 passing it off as a Ferrari.


Photo source: Guardia di Finanza

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Ferrari F430 or Toyota MR2 Coupe? Finance seizes the fake supercar, a young man from Asti in trouble

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