Ferrari f8 Spider, takes a full truck and crumpled completely: disintegrated

The owner of a Ferrari F8 Spider was the protagonist of an unpleasant episode, as he takes a truck in full swing.

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The owner of a Ferrari F8 Spider has taken in full a Truckas he walked the roads of the Dolomites. There red that perhaps he was traveling to high speedcrashed causing itself a lot of damage. A story that now it is no longer newssinceaccidents caused by Supercar I am now atagenda, unfortunately. But let’s take a closer look at what happened on the our mountains of upper Italyto then look at the characteristics of this fabulous model of prancing Horse.

Let’s see what happened

L’accident occurred in the nearby streets to Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Province of Bellunowhere is the driver of a Ferrari F8 Spider, he was traveling. He was most likely going to one speed, beyond that allowed for law.

Photo Ferrari F8
A Ferrari F8 Spider caused an accident in the mountains of the Dolomites –

L’exit of the curveit seems to be him was fatalgiven that reopening the gas he ran into a truck. L’impact was brutalsince we’re talking about a car that had speed, run into a vehicle carrying fuelthen of important dimensions.

There true dynamics ofthere is no accidentit is better to say that though it seems that this is how it wentgiven what the reconstructions. The unique photos that you have are of Instagram channel Varryx. That which is Certainand that if the Truck was virtually unharmedthe Ferrari did not end well, even ending up in an escarpment. THE reported damages are manythe front part practically it no longer existsthey will serve a lot of money to fix it.

A crashed Ferrari
This is the Ferrari after the truck accident –

A day the owner believed calmhas turned into a nightmare.

The characteristics of the Ferrari F8 Spider

There Ferrari F8 Spider it is recognized by roof openand from the characteristics from purely sports car. Her dimensions are compact and like all reds it is a two seats. There F8 Spider when it was born it was inspired by the Ferrari Sport Prototipo of the 60’s. His motor it’s a 3.9 liter V12 and has a power of 850 Horsepower. His maximum speed is 340 km / hand has an acceleration from 0 to 100 Km / hin just 2.9 seconds. His starting price and of 259.930 eurosand they have been sold just six hundred of this specimen.

This car is a ‘authentic gemand as we can see a not very high quantity have been sold, doing go up its value. The owner will now have to do it two accountsfix the car or buy a new one.

Ferrari Spider presentation
The Ferrari F8 Spider in all its glory –

But what is certain is that the shopping will be very saltyone lightness that saleswoman, who it will cost a lot. The point is that too many mistakes are made with the Supercarperhaps we must already say inside the dealerwhich the normal roads are not circuits.

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Ferrari f8 Spider, takes a full truck and crumpled completely: disintegrated

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