Ferrero: not only salmonella | Because the company, and not just her, has been accused again

The food market is not doing well in some respects in 2022. Companies like Kinder continue to be targeted, but what is really going on?

Withdrawn products, we have been reading about everything for months now. Especially inherent to sweets, but not only. This situation is effectively impoverishing the market in this early 2022. And there is no shortage of accusations against renowned companies such as Kinder, who have had to withdraw their products.

Ferrero factory (web photo)

In the context of ice cream, the following have been withdrawn: Twix Ice Bar, Bounty Ice Bar and M & M’s Choco Ice Bar. We then come to Kinder, which had to make Kinder MIx, Maxi Mix, Mini Eggs, Happy Moments, Happy Moments disappear from circulation Mini Mix and Kinder Shoko Bons.

Certainly, salmonella, ethylene oxide and allergens (undeclared) have had a great influence. But what are they?

The rising food market: here are the three reasons

So many difficulties at the beginning of 2022, even for number one companies in the sector such as Kinder. Why? The reasons vary, from salmonella to undeclared allergens. Let’s find out everything about these three crucial points for the food market.


There are not a few food recalls concerning the salmonella risk. It is a genus of bacteria that cause salmonellosis. Infection that, in general, is caught due to undercooked food or in any case not adequately treated.

The most common symptoms that characterize salmonella are: stomach and abdominal pains, aerophagia, bad taste in the mouth, vomiting, joint pain, cramps, fever, hallucinations and diarrhea alternating with constipation. Generally, you don’t feel bad for a long time.

However, in case of particularly serious or annoying conditions, it is good to consult a doctor. The infection in question can also cause enteric fevers and sepsis – which can be fatal. Not only in desserts, however: salmonella can also occur in molluscs (clams in the first place).


Ethylene oxide is a gas; it has disinfectant and disinfestant capabilities against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It has long been used in hospitals to sterilize materials, but also medical and surgical devices. For the same reasons, it is used for the decontamination of silos and warehouses where food is stored before entering its production cycle.

In Europe, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) happen anymore as it once did, as this gas has been regulated by law. Abroad, the story is quite different. It is inserted between the carcinogenic and toxic substances.

Ethylene oxide (Web source) May 8, 2022
Ethylene Oxide (Web source)

After 2020, hundreds of products were recalled and withdrawn from the market in Italy alone because they contained ethylene oxide beyond the limits permitted by law. In any case, it is not at all easy to understand how to avoid foods that contain this substance.

Foods that usually contain too much oxide are packaged ice creams, jams, sausages and sweeteners. But also yogurt, sauces and ready meals, ginger, chilli, spices and gluten-free products and supplements. How to recognize them? Well, they are all industrial and therefore ultra-processed foods.

Allergens, what you need to know about it

The European Union, on the provision of food information to consumers, has no doubts: the presence of allergenic substances inside the products must always be declared and indicated on the label format. Both in the case of prepacked and non-prepacked products. It is in fact essential to protect the health of consumers.

Allergens undeclared (Web source) May 8, 2022
Allergens undeclared (Web source)

Failure to apply this information costs companies a lot; not only because they then have to collect their products, but they also risk a hefty fine. The 14 main allergens that need to be mentioned are the following.

Cereals containing gluten, eggs and egg products, fish and fishery products, peanuts and similar, soy, tocopherol (vital nutrient for humans), milk and lactose, dried fruit, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, anhydride sulfur dioxide and sulphites, lupins and molluscs.

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Ferrero: not only salmonella | Because the company, and not just her, has been accused again

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