Fiat Panda, the unthinkable happens in the snow: the video is unbelievable –

Driving an off-road version of the Fiat Panda is the dream of all Italians and if it wasn’t, it will be after this absurd video where the little Turinese proves to be an opponent to be reckoned with for all rivals.

Underestimating a car just because it doesn’t cost that much and it’s widespread, it’s a bad idea: this video, filmed in a very difficult environment, proves it and hasn’t been able to tame the Fiat beast filmed in action. If you have never driven a Panda you may not understand but if you own one or have had it in your hands at least once, you know very well what we are about to show you and what it means…

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Born by chance

Few recent Italian inventions have marked the world of transport like the small utility vehicle we are talking about today which may seem trivial but remains one of the most popular and loved cars ever produced in Italy. The car in question is the Fiat Panda which with over forty years spent in row production is the Italian car longer lived currently built.

The most famous version of the Pandino however it is the 4×4 which on the web has become a sort of meme for reasons that we will go into shortly. The car was born in 1983, initially available only with a 965 cc engine and was kept alive as a Panda Cross even in the last series of the car. To think that the project was born totally by chance thanks to a Steyr Puch integral frame that the Austrian brand didn’t quite know how to use.

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Challenge accepted!

The main reason why the Pandino 4×4 has become so famous on the web gaining the reputation of “invincible” car is that theoretically speaking, it’s all true! The Panda is one of the sturdiest cars ever built in Italy to the point that it can adapt to a vast amount of different roles, from van to off-road vehicle. Many of these cars, as evidenced by videos available on the whole web, are used in mountain villages where the roads are difficult and difficult to navigate.

Videos like the one we are about to see in which the small Italian utilitarian it totally humiliates a much more noble car: after all, this is what happens when a brand that produces off-road vehicles decides to move to the SUV sector, becoming bourgeois and abandoning its wild roots. Let’s see how the challenge played out and who easily took it home.

Big and dumb…

The challenge in the video sees opposites a Range Rover third or fourth generation, in any case one of the latest models of the famous British vehicle, and a new Panda Cross on a very unfavorable terrain: the snow! On a curve completely invaded by snow and ice, the two cars face each other trying to get to the top of the peak as soon as possible. The challenge seems unequal, after all the Range is much bigger and more powerful.

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Opposite we have two off road vehicles, one that weighs 1,055 kilograms and is powered by a three-cylinder in-line engine with approximately 70 horsepower and the other that weighs just under 3,000 kilograms in perfect trim with a six-cylinder engine which in the more powerful versions reaches 400 horsepower. The challenge is unequal, right? How could it ever end? With a surprise…

In the video, the Range Rover remains bogged down at the first corner while little Pandino quickly overcomes it, going on to win the challenge. How is that even possible? The weight of a car and its power are not decisive in this type of competition and often, a more agile and lighter car moves better on terrain like this. A similar video with a Suzuki Vitara and a Hummer H2 or Hill Climb racing using very small compact cars proves our point. See for yourself.

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Fiat Panda, the unthinkable happens in the snow: the video is unbelievable –

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