Fiat, the 1000 horsepower and 340 km / h model arrives | You will not believe your eyes –

Can we consider it the first supercar of the Fiat brand? Yes and no, let’s just say that you will no longer look at your car with the same eyes. Here is the Turin with an engine worthy of a Bugatti, stuff you would not believe.

Have you ever wondered why Fiat he doesn’t build supercars? In reality, such a car with the Turin brand on the hood does exist, even if no one has ever seen it in circulation before today. This car can deliver the same power as a Bugatti Chiron… and in a way, it’s even more comfortable. Let’s go and discover the real Italian missile that you have never seen before.


Stingy with supercars

Thinking about it, it is strange that a brand like Fiat does not have not even a supercar or at least a sports car in its market list. The Turin brand is one of the very few Italian brands in the sector not to include at least one high-performance car in its history: practically all Italian brands, even those that are not famous for their supercars, have one.

In fact, we can remember the Maserati MC12, produced by a brand that usually takes care only of luxury sedans or the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione del Biscione which also is more interested to sedans and crossovers lately. Even Lancia has produced the extremely powerful 037 and Delta Integrale in the street version, albeit in a limited series. What is Fiat waiting for to make its move and produce its first supercar?

Fiat Canva 14_11_2022 Off-road vehicle
But the brand prefers city cars (Canva)

Something is changing

Data in hand, among the most powerful Fiat ever – obviously excluding racing cars – we find the Fiat Coupé, perhaps the closest thing to a supercar ever produced by the brand … is the Ulysses which, however, is a minivan, which says a lot about the not privileged relationship that the Turin-based company has with this market sector. To find a true champion of the sector, we must go back to the early 1900s with the Mefisto, a car built specifically to break the absolute speed record.

But be careful to underestimate the Turin brand: at this year’s Paris Motor Show a car with the Fiat brand with over 1,000 horsepower appeared, much to the surprise of the onlookers, on display. The car is very impressive, even if it is not a mass-produced model. Above all, it could be the six-seater car fastest in the world.

Multipla, from the road to the track

The experiment conducted by the French Sylvain Lévy paired with Pierre Chabrier was to build a Fiat capable of delivering at least a thousand horsepower to participate in the so-called Hill Climb Races, acceleration races in which you run uphill and you need a lot of horses but also small size, relatively speaking. What better car than a Multipla to face this challenge?

Multipla Web Source 14_11_2022 Off-road world
The extreme Multipla (Web Source)

The car, the creation of which was supported by a fundraiser which has recovered over a million euros allowing the company, mounts the engine of a modified Chevrolet Corvette to deliver the record-breaking figure of horsepower that pushes it to 340 kilometers per hour with a break from 0 to 100 obtainable in two and a half seconds. Too bad that the car no longer has six seats because it could, as we have suggested, beat a record never attempted before.

Looking at it like this, the Multipla no longer seems so clumsy even if perhaps this burning acceleration makes it more suitable for a drag race than for other types of competition. Who knows, maybe we will see it soon busy humiliating some supercars on the famous quarter mile. What do you think about it?

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Fiat, the 1000 horsepower and 340 km / h model arrives | You will not believe your eyes –

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