Ftse Mib: strong correction expected. Better Banco BPM or Bper?

Below is the interview with Fabrizio Brasili, financial analyst, to whom we asked some questions on the current situation of the markets and in particular of Piazza Affari. Anyone wishing to contact Fabrizio Brasili can write to the email address: f.bsuperguru@yahoo.it.

The Ftse Mib has just returned from a very positive week that saw it return to the top in mid-June. What are the expectations for the next sessions?

In truth, since mid-June there had been a timid but constant technical recovery, just above the psychological threshold of 20,000 points in the future on the Ftse Mib expiring in September.

Few had noticed, also because the minimums and maximums turned out to be lower and lower.
The rebounds were however caused exclusively by a “heavyweight” in the list, almost always by Intesa Sanpaolo or Unicredit.

We also did not give much weight to all this, as we are not giving much weight to this last week of July, with an expansion in rebounds also to Stellantis and ENI.

The other European lists, on the other hand, are cautious, with the quarterly ones with lights and shadows.

We, on the other hand, regardless of everything that is going through us and will pass over our heads, which it is almost useless to repeat, we expect that we will still experience a phase of strong correction on stocks that have already been unjustly sacrificed, such as those indicated above.

The letter that will bring the future on the Ftse Mib expiring in September and December from the area 22,800 / 22,900 and 22,500 / 22,600 respectively will return, even below 20,000 points, up to 18,800 / 18,900 and 18,500 / 18,600 points respectively.

In the medium-long term, from now to the end of next spring-early summer, the future could easily reach 16,000 / 16,500 points, already reported for some time both on these pages and daily to readers subscribed to our consulting services.

Banco BPM and Bper Banca will be called to test accounts next week: which of the two should you bet on now?

Ready to start again to realize the various M&A projects, never abandoned, now that, also due to the rates that will increase, the margins of the most solid institutions will only rise, better accompanying their projects.

A couple of years ago we started reporting the best banking stocks on these pages as well, apart from the two big companies Unicredit and Intesa.

After the operation on Creval, we wrote to start accumulating Banco BPM and Bper Banca and to carefully follow Banca Popolare di Sondrio and Credem.

To answer the question now, a very slight preference for Bper Banca, having still rounded up the stake in Banca Carige, which will be delisted at this point.

However, both must be taken, bearing in mind the picture described in the previous question, with an inverted pyramid, therefore starting with modest quantities and rising, in the moments of reversal and which we will report.

How do you assess the current approach of Generali and Poste Italiane and what strategies can you suggest for both?

Generali and Poste Italiane seem tired and therefore not very reactive, even if now close to the lows of the last 12 months, placed just under 14 euros for Generali and just under 8 euros for Poste Italiane.

Perhaps earlier in the recovery phase from the lows of spring 2020, the two stocks had exaggerated a bit, and so now we see the results.

We had always advised our readers to buy UnipolSai, with a neutral opinion on Generali, while Poste Italiane was certainly sold and at the moment we remain of this opinion.

The euro-dollar is pushing above 1.02. What are the possible scenarios in the short term for this cross?

Euro-dollar cross phase by professionals, specialists or assisted by expert consultants and in any case with the help of options.

The euro-dollar, after having gone even slightly below par at 0.9952, continued to flirt between just above par and just above 1.02.

Central Banks control very well and very easily, also because no one wants to risk it, not even with the much announced and discounted rate hikes on both sides of the Atlantic.

The volumes on the cross remain overall low, thus facilitating control, which can be good for both the FED and the ECB.

For those who really want to operate, it is better to rely on serious and experienced professionals, even with options.
The levels to be checked for the euro-dollar are at 0.96 / 98 and at 1.06 / 1.08, which could be reached in the event of sudden movements and maneuvers on rates.

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Ftse Mib: strong correction expected. Better Banco BPM or Bper?

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