Gas boilers, sales ban on arrival: when and what changes

Gas boilers, the sale will be prohibited. The objective of stopping climate change – or at least that of putting a stop to the damage already done in recent decades – remains fixed in the mind of the European Union which, in order to achieve this ambitious and urgent intent, has imposed a new limitation: from 2029 stop on autonomous gas boilers explains

The European Commission has, in fact, published the guidelines on energy saving relating to the RePower Eu package, a 210 billion euro plan for a greener Europe. The goal is to ban gas boilers over the next seven years through the introduction of “stricter ecodesign limits for heating systems, which imply 2029 as the final date for placing on the market of autonomous fossil fuel boilers “.

It will therefore not be a sudden change but gradually replacing the old gas boilers, which use fossil fuels, with heat pumps, which are less polluting and expensive. The latter, together with the mandatory solar panels in newly built homes, both in public and private buildings, will be the main tools to implement a true green revolution in Europe.

The main actors of this revolution must, of course, be the Member States, which will have seven years to put into practice a rather simple project of disincentives-incentives.

Initially, the European strategic plan provides for the elimination at least starting from 2025 of all facilitations by the Member States aimed at the purchase of fossil fuel boilers. In this sense, there must be a reversal: the concessions must be aimed at supporting the purchase of heat pumps and the replacement of old gas boiler systems, together with “the connection to efficient district heating systems in densely populated “.

Secondly, the gas boilers will then be downgraded in the labels on energy performance between 2025 and 2026: a step that aims to discourage their purchase and to proceed with a replacement of the system. The presence in a building of a declassified boiler negativises the energy class, thus devaluing the structure itself.

Although the EU announcement suggests an enormous change of direction, in reality in Europe it is a change that has already been underway for some time. In Italy, for example, gas boilers have not been installed on new buildings for years, preferring alternative tools, which are less wasteful of energy and less polluting. The new buildings must, in fact, be subject to stringent regulations in the field of energy, also having the obligation to install a quota of renewable energy guaranteed (for now) only by heat pumps.

Germany also recently announced, slightly anticipating the European dictate, the ban on the installation of any new fossil fuel heating system from 2025 onwards.

According to the data provided by the Commission, in order to no longer be dependent on gas (Russian and not only) and to be able to change the energy sources we need, the European Union should double the rate of diffusion of water pumps. individual heat. In order to make a real difference, it will be necessary to have 10 million heat pumps in the next 5 years.

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Gas boilers, sales ban on arrival: when and what changes

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