Good news for PostePay holders: they will receive € 300 per month

Good news is coming for PostePay holders, for whom a credit of € 300 per month is expected. Let’s find out how to get this amount.

Not everyone knows that Postepay allows you to have € 300 per month, by virtue of an old measure adopted by Poste Italiane.

Good news for PostePay holders: they will receive € 300 per month

Indeed the postal lender has decided to extend the Cashback measures which had been introduced by the Conte government, only to be abolished by the Draghi one. However, Poste Italiane has decided to adopt this measure, which encourages the use of electronic payments, extending its effectiveness from May 31 to June 30.

The maximum reimbursement that Post Office customers can obtain arrives up to € 300 per month. This is an extremely interesting figure, especially in this period of economic crisis.

Good news for PostePay holders: the extension of the Cashback arrives

The Conte government had introduced the Cashback mechanism, in order to encourage the use of electronic payment instruments.

The purpose was to fight tax evasion and reward those who decide to use traceable payment instruments. The measure unfortunately was abolished by the Draghi government.

Poste Italiane has decided to continue to entice its customers the use of payment instruments electronic, only for holders of a postal or prepaid account.

This incentive was supposed to expire on May 31, 2022, but was extended until June 30, thus allowing for a monthly repayment worth € 300.

To benefit from the Cashback refund promoted by Poste è you need to download the Postepay app and associate with it your debit or credit card. This step is essential to be able to access the refund provided.

At this point, the customer can use their card as normal by making purchases from the municipal merchants or online.

Each time an outgoing money transaction occurs, one small rate will make up the monthly Cashback.

The regulation provides that it is possible to obtain €1 for every € 10 spent. In addition, a daily spending limit of € 10 up to a maximum of € 300 per month.

THE PostePay customers who did not know this measure have the opportunity to receive back a respectable figure, worth about € 600. To take advantage of this possibility, it is necessary to join the program refund made available on the Postepay app.

How to join the Poste Italiane Cashback program

For join the Poste Italiane Cashback program you need to download or update the Postepay app and associate the prepaid or debit cards you own.

Subsequently it will be necessary to frame, with the Postepay app, the QR code who generally comes shown at commercial merchants who accept payments with PostePay code.

After making the scan the QR Codethe user can enter theamount to pay and authorize the transaction.

To find out which are the stores that accept the payments with Postepay code, just go to the app and click on the “Near you” section. In this way, you will be able to view the list of businesses that allow you to accumulate daily Cashback.

Among the points of sale for which it is possible to take advantage of this opportunity we point out:

  • Carrefour
  • Liu Jo
  • Pam Panorama
  • Coop Central Italy
  • Doc Rome
  • long S
  • Eni
  • Ip station

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Good news for PostePay holders: they will receive € 300 per month

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