Government Bonds 2023, here is the issuance calendar for the new year

The Ministry of Economy and Finance publishes the calendar for the issue of new government bonds. After the usual Christmas break, here are the dates for the new auctions for all of 2023.

As usual, the MEF publishes the new one in this period 2023 calendar of BTP auctions. This is a very important document for savers who decide to invest in government bonds.

In fact, the calendar contains the time indications of the auctions but also the dates of the new issues for the first quarter 2023.

The Mef has communicated the data on the issue of securities for the current year. In 2022, securities were issued for an amount of more than 424 billion euros, broken down as follows: 285 billion were medium-long term securities and more than 139 billion were BOTs.

The 2022 auction calendar contained a particular novelty, theissue of a green bondin 2021 it was launched The previous year was instead the turn of the new BTP Short Term.

What will happen for 2023? A country with high public debt and low productivity needs to find new forms of debt financing, therefore it cannot be excluded that new ones will be presented during 2023 BTP aimed exclusively at a retail audience.

It is assumed that these could be created on the basis of new market conditions.

So let’s see them in detail.

Government Bonds 2023, here is the calendar of new issues for the new year

The calendar of auctions and new issues of government bonds for the whole of 2023 has been published.

According to David IacovoniDirector of Public Debt at MEF, the new 2023 calendar

“Look to the future and to change, in a challenging year during which, after the COVID19 pandemic, the global scenario poses very complex questions such as the value of peace, a precious asset often taken for granted or energy supply, as a central issue for the economy and for people’s lives”.

Compared to previous years, the Treasury did not immediately communicate the dates of the new issues envisaged for the first quarter (January-March 2023), but the publication of the Quarterly Issuance Schedules.

Only on December 28 did the publication of the program of new BTP issues for the first quarter of 2023.

According to the calendar we start on January 2nd with the medium-long Bot-Btp Short regulation, they will follow the January 5th communication on Bots while the January 9th that of medium-long titles.

Auctions will start onJanuary 11th with Bots, will follow the January 12th with the medium-long shaft and the 13 Bot regulation and the 16 the one for the medium-long Title.

The January 23rdthen, there will be the communication Btp Short – Btp€i while the January 24th Bot communication.

The 26 January will be the Btp Short – Btp€i auction and medium-long communication, while the following day will be the turn of the Bot auction.

To close the month of January, the Regulation Btp Short – Btp€i.

BTP auctions 2023: these are the possible issues

By dividing the auctions according to the issues, the placements of securities being issued (new tranches) will be reopened for both the three-year and the five-year terms.

The Treasury program for 2023 provides for the launch of two new benchmarks for both maturities therefore 2 new 3-year BTPs and 2 new 5-year BTPs.

What will happen to the new issues of BTP at 7 years and at 10 years in 2023? The calendar includes two new 7-year benchmark securities, while there will be a new issue for the 10-year ones.

In summary, in 2023 there will be 2 new issues of 7-year BTPs and one of 10-year BTPs.

In 2023 there will also be long-term BTP issues with maturities between 15 and 50 years, however the choice will be made each time on the basis of evaluations.

Interest-bearing Postal Bonds, these are the best ones for 2023

If we move on to the postal savings bonds side, it is not yet known whether the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti will make new issues. However, today it is possible to identify the best ones to invest in for 2023.

The Postal Savings Bond with a rate of return the higher is the one dedicated to minors and has a variable rate of return based on the duration of the possession. The yield can vary from 2.50% for a possession of 1 year and 6 months up to 4.50% if owned for 18 years.

Another voucher to invest in in 2023 is the 4×4 voucher, with a yield of up to 16 years, has no age restrictions and is the ideal solution for those who want to invest in the long term, with a gross annual yield of 3%.

The “Renew” voucher with a maximum duration of 6 years and interest is also included in the list of vouchers to be subscribed they reach up to 3.25% per year.

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Government Bonds 2023, here is the issuance calendar for the new year

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